Friday, 19 June 2015

International Cultic Studies Association

  • ICSA Annual Conference - Stockholm, Sweden, June 25-27, 2015.
  • Meet ICSA Members
    From time to time, this column will feature a short profile on an ICSA member. 

    Håkan Järvå, Former Scientologist and now a licensed psychologist in
    Sweden. Editor and co-author of the book Sektsjuka (Cult Illness) and a former lecturer for the psychology department at the University of Gothenburg on the subject of manipulation, influence, and cult illness. He offers psychotherapy to former members of cults and is also employed as a consultant by the help organization for former cult members in Sweden, Hjälpkällan, to train their nationwide network of volunteer workers. He is currently involved in a project aimed at high schools in Sweden together with a professional magician with the purpose of educating and vaccinating teenagers against manipulation.


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