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Scientology's Mission in Poole, Dorset - A full accounting

Re: Scientology's Mission In Poole, Dorset, Updated.

Re Scientology's Bournemouth Mission, Poole, Dorset continued...

Re: Scientology's Bournemouth Mission, Poole, Dorset. 

The final installment of scientology's Mission in Poole, Dorset...


This legal case took three plus years to conclude! In that time scientology were constantly asking for "more information" on anything that was forwarded by TB's and PC's solicitor. They also gave a few "defence" statements from various people at St. Hill and Bournemouth Mission which never seemed to have anything to do with the case!

It was thought that the entirity of scientology's defence case consisted of wasting time so they could find some way of getting the case struck off. It didn't work.......

Another weird thing in this case was that scientology's defence solicitor was also was also one of the defendants in the case due to his involvement in TB's dodgy mortgage. Obviously this is a big "NO" in the legal world, but somehow this solicitor carried on representing the case for a couple of years or more.

In the end PC and TB got their money back from Scientology, although not as much as they should have got considering what they had been through and the increas in cost of houses.(They both had properties before getting into Scientology, and the housing price index during the period of their court cases went up a huge amount).

PC probably spent four plus years involved in the legal struggle. TB spent three plus years doing the same thing. In the end the only real loser was Scientology due to all the extra legal expenses that they had incurred!

The Bournemouth Mission "executives", ie. The Mission Holder (RK) and the Executive Director(DL) were removed from their positions by Sea Org management. This, according to other people I've met up with since, was around '96. So their arguement that the "sun shone out of their arses" wasn't shared by everyone........

Since leaving this cult (and that's the best description for it) I've met up with a few people who were in it at the same time as me, who are now also out. It seems that when we were part of the cult we were all inwardly expressing our serious doubts about it all, but daren't express these doubts because we all thought we would be Suppressive Persons (SP's), if we ever revealed our real feelings.......This is a bit like the tale of " The Emperor's New Clothes".........

A couple of sad stories come to light regarding the Bournemouth Mission after I left. One was the suicide of a guy called Richard Collins. I've used his full name here because Carlton TV's "The Big Story" featured this case in a documentary which is still available on the internet.

Apparently he was hounded for money and couldn't take it anymore, so jumped to his death from Clifton Suspension Bridge.......

Some years after I left I also heard the sad story of CA who was a young lady at the Mission when I first joined. I knew her brother and he told me that she died of breast cancer in, I believe, late 2010. CA was apparently diagnosed with breast cancer, but either due to her "religious beliefs", or due to influence from people in Scientology, she declined treatment for some time. She also declined a lot of the secondary medical treatment which is necessary in cases like this.

Whether CA would have died anyway, I really do not know. What I do know is that in cases like this the medical proffesion will always prompt people to take the approved treatment as soon as possible to maximise the life expectancy of the patient.

I've also heard of another guy who was at the Bournemouth Mission who subsequently joined the Sea Org. Apparently he attempted or was contemplating suicide, after he joined.

Another girl I used to know at the Mission also either self harmed or attempted suicide.

Want more? Read "Why Are They Dead Scientology?". (Available on the internet.........).

While I was at the Mission and at St. Hill I found that everything was always about MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.

The things that went on in Bournemouth to make money were quite incredible.

At St. Hill I used to witness International Association of Scientologists  (IAS) representatives literally running after people down the corridors to get more money out of them.......These poor sods had obviously "donated" quite a bit and were now being hounded for more.

Using Scientology's own "statistics" that 20% of the population are Potential Trouble Sources, that leaves 80% of the of the population who are, by scientology's standards, "normal".

If this is the case, why is it I witnessed literally hundreds of people come into, and leave, Bournemouth Mission, leaving only a small handful who are still involved to this day? The number of people who are left DO NOT represent 80% of those who have ever come "on lines". You'll be lucky if the number who are still there even represent ).8% of the numbers who have come on lines!

The same thing applied to St. Hill in my estimation. During the time I was there I used to see loads of people. By the time I left most of them had gone too!

As far as I am aware all the TTC people that I was with at St. Hill are also now out of Scientology.........This is not statistically very good for Scientology, and seems to be completely different to what they say the statistics are! I wonder why?

I wish that all those years ago the Internet was up and running as well as it is now. I also wish that home PC's were as cheap as they are now.

If I'd had Internet access like we have these days there is NO WAY that I would ever have joined Scientology. Doing a simple search on it reveals lots of critical sites which would have said it all for me.

Over the last few years there have been books written by former members who speak very critically about the "church" of Scientology. Many of these authors had been in it for many years, some in high ranking positions.

If you are still "in" but are reading this, then you are probably in serious doubt about the whole thing. Also if you are reading this then you will, by definition, have access to many other critical sites about Scientology, and online books written by former members. READ THEM.

If you are simply "curious" about Scientology, but are still researching then please take note of what I have written, and also DO FULL RESEARCH.

Whatever you do, all I ask is that you don't make the same mistakes that myself and countless others have made.

Take Care.

Note by me: The source has to stay anonymous, however, just a few clicks here and there can reveal who the dodgy solicitor is and more......

Here is an interesting set of articles by Paul Bracchi on Scientology when he worked for The Evening Argus......go to page 8 for yet another victim of The Bournemouth Mission.......

[PDF]Evening Argus - Very large library of worldwide press ...


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