Monday, 15 June 2015

So, what do the Foo Fighters and Scientology have in common? Nothing!

I was blasted away yesterday because I have doubled my blog readership overnight, and I could not fathom made NO all...At first I was Inclined to think my blog spot was in a Swedish Newspaper. NO, The East. Grinstead Courier made this possible, and of course with a friend called GOOGLE.When I left for work this morning there were still over 7,000 people in Sweden reading my blog. WOW! Thank You Sweden...ThankYou Foo Fighters and Thank You The East. Grinstead Courier.

I love music, it's what keeps me alive...

And then you get this...Scientology's Sea Org on Brittain's Got Talent...really?

Simon Cowell promoting the Sea Org on British on the ship...Good Luck at the Glastonbury Festival...If you are not booed off the stage, I will be very surprised. You know exactly who I am...because you met me in Hastings...remember me...David Miscavige beats his staff...You didn't believe it!

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Well, look, what have we got here...

INFODUMP Jive Aces | Why We Protest | Anonymous Activism Fo

Shelley Ballantyne became involved with the cult religion when she was just seven — and fled from it ten years later.

Yesterday she told The Sun: “I’m so glad Katie has done what she has. If Suri had entered Scientology like I did, her whole childhood would have been ruined.

“I have no happy memories of my childhood. All I had was years of misery.

“You spend your whole time studying Scientology and working for them. It’s not the way a child should be brought up, with no laughter or fun. It would have been horrid for Suri.”

Shelley said teenagers are not encouraged to have boyfriends or girlfriends and friendships with non-Scientologists are banned.
She continued: “Sex before marriage is forbidden. A lot of Scientologist teenagers I knew ended up getting married at 17.

“But they are banned from having children if they are in Sea Org because you are supposed to be elite Scientologists and they believe that children are a distraction.”

Finally, when she was 17, Shelley hatched a plan she believed would get her thrown out.
She said: “They would not let me go. I thought I was trapped for ever but I knew there was one thing they would not tolerate — and that was sex before marriage.

“So I managed to persuade them to let me visit some of the other Scientology mansions near London.
“During the trip I met a non-Scientologist and had sex with him. Then when I got back to my HQ I confessed all.

“They were absolutely furious. They put me through all sorts of weird tests, then eventually they agreed I could leave.

“But I had to sign an agreement saying I would never talk about my time with them. They also presented me with a ‘freeloader’ bill, charging me for every Scientology course I ever had.

“It was about £7,000 but I’ve never paid it. It seemed to me that Scientology was a lot about money. 

People you recruited into it were encouraged to go on endless courses which cost them thousands.”

Now a single mother of an 18-month-old son, Shelley said her time with the Scientologists has ruined her relationship with her father, who she rarely sees.

She said: “I feel he robbed me of my childhood. I was a perfectly happy little girl and then was thrown into a life of misery.

“I’m so happy Katie has taken Suri away from Scientology. Tom should be glad too because Suri could have ended up hating him — like I hate my father.”

I Loved my Father too..., but at age 11 he abandoned me at sea with L. Ron Hubbard...and regardless of what your feelings might be...I hated him also, because what he did to me in the name of L. Ron Hubbard is totally wrong.

I just know there is something, that my Father did that has somen bearing, somewhere that is totally BAD...and he did not want me to know. I will find it, shredded or NOT...I will make it a mission to find it. My Father was well up in the establishment of this Organization.

It's why he died saying nothing!

A Lot of people want me to let this go...I will NOT...because I know, there IS a whole lot more to it...there are four people that could speak out, but they won't...Terri Gillham, Janis Gillham and Peter Gillham...and Claire Popham

Not a hope in hell, Scientology...

I bet our congregation is bigger than yours...

Look at this...

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