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Scientology's Routes

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I am going to throw a load of links your way, please join me in reading this, if you are interested...

I came across this on Arnie Lerma's website here...

Clarification the relationship between the OTO, Scientology ...

Scarlet and the Beast

This could take a while, before the next link...please bear with me...and if you haven't got the stomach for this then please see this...

The Process Church of the Final Judgment and the Manson ...

and this...

Probe of 'Son of Sam' Terror Cult Documents Satanic ...

If you know about the TRs...(Scientology training routines, which they practise on young children) read this from the Medical Journal...

http://www.rawstory.com/2015/08/staring ... cinations/

In my hunt for various things, I have come across this from the BBC, which you may not have heard before...Ruthless Adventure...the lives of L. Ron Hubbard...

Kenneth Anger and Marjorie Cameron discuss Scientology ...


The way how the Gangs talkers work, manipulating people to harm others, you can see how easy it is to deceive, poison, corrupt people into committing a crime against an innocent person, impersonating an authority figure. Legislation of new Laws against this Co-intelpro tactics that destroy lives, originated initially by FBI, we the people have to make it happen, in one way or another. The awakening is already happening....

What is “Gang Stalking?” | Fight "Gang Stalking"

History: COINTELPRO, MK Ultra, Red Squads, & the Stasi ... MK Ultra experiments conducted on American and Canadian citizens by the CIA, as well ...... A May 2015 column by journalist Tom Engelhardt examined some recurring patterns ...... March 23, 2013 entry in the “Police State Amerika News” section of this website.

Part I; Pedophiles, Sex Slaves and U.S. Presidents | TABU ...

7 Jan 2015 - Part IV Pedophiles, Sex Slaves and the U.S. Military & Boy Scouts (TBD) .... His pictures are Satanic and uses many Monarch Programming themes in his photo shoots. .... 3 January 2015 | Updated: 13:47 EST, 4 January 2015 ..... It is a continuation of project MK-ULTRA, a mind-control program developed ...

CROWLEY news_franceexpulsionbig

MK Ultra | TRUTH TALK NEWS with Howard Nema

Playing Dirty – The Real Version (not the Omar Garrison propaganda version): Hubbard and the CIA

mcclaughry at The McClaughry's Blog - 1 day ago
In his book The Game Player, CIA agent Miles Copeland tries to politely address the subject of the CIA's playing dirty mandate without revealing still classified documents on the matter.

Project MKULTRA - The New York Times



Be back in a while...

From the McClaughry's blog...

Scientology as a CIA Political Action Group – “It is a continuing arrangement…”

mcclaughry at The McClaughry's Blog - 4 hours ago
Political Action Methodologies: DISSUASION- Terrorizing, instead of killing - any act designed to frighten an enemy away from... more »

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Inside Scientology and escaping the witnesses

First off the bat, what an apt title...escaping the witnesses...do you know what...I have been around here a hell of a long time now...and do you know what? This has has got nothing to do with Jehovahas...at all!

It's to do with witnesses, of which I am one, aaaaaaaad, they don't like it! :)

Did Samantha Domingo ever meet LRH?

Did Marty Rathbun ever meet LRH?

John Travolta never.

Tom Cruise never.

And then of course we have Miss La Carrierre, and she did Meet LRH, she met him and she loved him, she gave her only son to him, just like Yvonne Gillham/ Jenzsch gave all three of her children to to him and for what? A conspiracy for SILENCE!

I want you to watch this, scrutinize this and make up your own mind, my mind is already made up...however that ain't necessarily your mind....

Channel 5: Home

Well done, The Independent...

Inside Scientology and Escaping the Witnesses, Channel 5 - TV ...

The Independent-17 hours ago
Religion versus controversy continued in a less appealing format over on Channel 5 in Inside Scientology and Escaping the Witnesses.


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The Foo Fighters Rick Roll the Westboro Baptist church

This is awesome...

Foo Fighters Rickroll: Dave Grohl And The Rest Of The Band Troll Westboro Baptist Church In Protest

The Foo Fighters Rickroll is making rounds on the internet as the band retaliated after the Westboro Baptist Church, which is notorious for their anti-gay views, planned a protest against a Foo Fighters concert on August 21 at the Kansas City Sprint Center.

Westboro Baptist Church protesters weren’t aware that they were going to get a taste of their own medicine. When the band caught wind of the planned protest, they got together before their concert and planned their own protest, and the Foo Fighters’ weapon of choice was an epic Rickroll.

Continued here:


Foo Fighters v Westboro Baptist Church


Published on 23 Aug 2015
As if you needed another reason to love the Foo Fighters they go and do this...

Yup, Dave Grohl and co just Rick Rolled the Westboro Baptist Church.

The incessant pedallers of hate were demonstrating in Kansas City when the rock group pulled up in a pick-up truck on Friday night.

Accompanied by a man in rainbow hot pants they then stopped and played the 80s Rick Astley classic 'Never Gonna Give You Up' at full volume.

Bravo guys, bravo...

The Westboro Baptist Church are a small but very vocal 'Christian' group who believe - amongst other things - that gay people are the source of all evil in the world.

They are notorious for picketing the funerals of dead servicemen and claiming they died because of US liberal views on homosexuality.

It's been an eventful year for the Foo Fighters - Grohl broke his leg during a gig in Sweden in June and was forced to cancel a planned headlining slot at Glastonbury.

Grohl wrote a heartfelt letter explaining the incident.

It reads: “Two songs into our set at Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg, I made a mad dash to the right of the stage during MONKEY WRENCH to shred some tasty licks for the kids up front. It was a beautiful night, beautiful stadium, 52,000 screaming people….dream gig! Well….wait for it….I definitely shredded something (ZING!).

“Wound up feet first over the Edge (pun intended), dropping about 12 feet, dislocating my ankle and snapping my fibula like an old pair of take out chopsticks. Whoopsie daisy. Not good. Without realizing the extent of my injuries, I stood up to get back onstage and crumbled like a sack of Joe Theismanns (look it up, kiddies). That shit was B-R-O-K-E..”


Joe Theismann - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Moscow-based Church of Scientology allegedly spied on visitors - report

Moscow-based Church of Scientology allegedly spied on visitors - report


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So,I want to say THANK YOU!

Arnaldo Lerma , re ridicule, so have I, banned from the Ex-Scientologist Chat board http://www.lermanet.com/deadagentingprimerfromesmbforum.htm

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Sec Checked...Mr. Brian Daniels are US...Please report Psychiatric Abuse in Crawley

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Default Re: Sec Check Blog: Exposing Scientology Front Groups (and other stuff)

Report Psychiatric Abuse In Crawley

Scientologists wore t-shirts and distributed literature at Crawley County Mall today urging residents to report incidents of psychiatric abuse to the Scientology front group Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights (CCHR). Crowley is a town in Sussex, not far from Saint Hill in East Grinstead.

More at: https://seccheck.wordpress.com/2015/...se-in-crawley/

Monday, 17 August 2015

Who is the guy on the far right of this picture?

I want to name and shame him, that might seem a very unethical thing to do, but this guy, brainwashed or not, saw fit to infiltrate my place of work, spy on me, got drunk as a skunk and all in the name of a dubious so called "religion" to try and scare me off. I don't take very kindly to that...

If Mr. Super Powers Tom Cruise sees fit to send his minions to spy on people that he personally cannot confront because they are major SPs, then that is his problem, not mine. However, I do believe there is supposedly a law against stalking, isn't there? Mr. Cruise, I am now looking at you! What possible vested interest could you have to spy on a middle aged woman who as a child was on the Apollo in the late 1960s? Please tell me Tom Cruise, I am all ears?

Paulette Cooper spent the best part of 50 years wanting to know who this guy was...his name was Jerry Levin, also known as Don Alverzo, some people say his name was Jeff Marino...

Paulette Cooper - Lermanet.com

Scientology Roots – Chapter Twenty-Eight: Scientology ...

2 Sep 2012 - His real name was Don Alverzo, he worked for the Scientology ... by becoming her boyfriend under the false name Jerry Levin. Even Don Alverzo was a false name though, as we found out. His real name is Jeffrey Kim Marino.


However, I digress, the point being I ain't gonna be around 50 years from now, that would make me 108 years old, and I know I will not be here then, no two ways out of it...I ain't coming back and why the fuck would I want to?

Which is why I want to know who this guy is NOW...

The dregs of the earth, scientologists, that think they have the right to spy on people, and they do so in the name of TOM CRUISE...forget Miscavige...he is but a pawn...the real person behind this propaganda is Tom Cruise...CIA misfit...


From what I can tell, at the very Least, the Russians know how to Deal with this...Scientology!

Церковь саентологии тайно следила за своими прихожанами в Москве

По версии следствия, в религиозной организации записывали разговоры клиентов с консультантами для шантажа.

Правоохранители провели обыски в саентологической церкви на Таганской улице в Москве. Сотрудникам спецслужб поступила информация, что в здании последователей Рона Хаббарта тайно используют различные записывающие устройства. Выяснилось, что в помещении саентологической церкви установлены акустические микрофоны и видеокамеры.

В частности, специальные технические устройства обнаружили в комнатах, где проводились личные беседы с людьми, так называемый одитинг. Этот процесс в саентологии напоминает исповедь в православной церкви — клиент приходит к консультанту (одитору) и рассказывает все, что его волнует. По словам саентологов, они не используют в одитинге внушение, однако исследования специалистов свидетельствуют о том, что одитинг содержит в себе форму гипноза.
Как предполагают следователи, в саентологической церкви записывали беседу посетителя с одитором, чтобы впоследствии шантажировать клиентов.
— Следственными органами ГСУ СК РФ по Москве возбуждено уголовное дело по признакам преступления, предусмотренного ст. 138.1 УК РФ «Незаконный оборот специальных технических средств». В настоящее время проводится комплекс следственных действий и оперативно-разыскных мероприятий, направленный на установление всех обстоятельств преступления и задержание лиц, причастных к нему. Расследование по уголовному делу продолжается, — прокомментировала LifeNews старший помощник руководителя ГСУ СК России по Москве Юлия Иванова.
Стоит отметить, что обыски на Таганской улице проводили следователи совместно с оперативниками управления по противодействию экстремизму МВД России.
Напомним, саентологическая церковь в России уже не раз попадала в поле зрения сотрудников правоохранительных органов и представителей духовной общественности.
Еще в 1990-е годы спецслужбы обнаружили, что последователи Рона Хаббарта раздавали опросники будущим членам своего сообщества. При детальном изучении сотрудники госбезопасности пришли к выводу, что эти опросники соответствуют всем критериям проведения профессиональной разведывательной деятельности.
У людей подробнейшим образом выяснялось не только их семейное положение, религиозные взгляды, хобби, уровень достатка, но при этом ставились четкие вопросы. В частности, если человек был военнослужащим, то саентологи устанавливали номер воинской части, ее дислокацию, а также расположение объектов и место хранения оружия.
— Были выявлены признаки деструктивной, тоталитарной секты в их деятельности. Свободы выбора эта секта не предоставляет. Уходить людям они попросту не дают. То есть с людьми проводятся постоянные беседы, почему они уходят, им звонят, оказывают давление, приезжают члены секты. Человека сначала уговаривают, потом его ставят в жесткие зависимые условия на основании той информации, которая была получена от человека раньше, — рассказал LifeNews экс-сотрудник отдела по борьбе с оргпреступностью УФСБ по Москве и Московской области.



The Church of Scientology secretly watched his parishioners in MoscowAccording to investigators, the religious organization in the recorded conversations of clients with consultants for blackmail.7411eleven25Law enforcement officers raided the Church of Scientology on Taganskaya Street in Moscow. Employees of intelligence services received information that in the building of followers Ron Habbarta secretly using a variety of recording devices. It turned out that the Church of Scientology in the room mounted acoustic microphones and video cameras.In particular, special technical devices found in the rooms, which were conducted personal interviews with people, so-called auditing. This process resembles Scientology confession of the Orthodox Church - the client comes to a counselor (auditor) and tells everyone that he is excited. According to Scientologists, they do not use in auditing suggestion, but research experts suggest that auditing contains a form of hypnosis.As suggested by the investigators, the Church of Scientology in the recorded conversation with a visitor auditor to later blackmail clients.- Investigating authorities GSM RF IC in Moscow opened a criminal case on grounds of crime under Art. 138.1 of the Criminal Code "Illegal circulation of special technical means." Currently, the complex of investigative actions and operational-search activities, aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the crime and the arrest of persons involved in it. The investigation of the criminal case continues, - commented LifeNews Senior Assistant Head SC GUS Russia in Moscow Yulia Ivanova.It is worth noting that the searches carried out on Taganskaya Street investigators in conjunction with the control operatives to combat extremism Russian Interior Ministry.Recall Scientology church in Russia has repeatedly come to the attention of law enforcement officials and representatives of the spiritual community.Back in the 1990s, intelligence agencies found that followers of Ron Habbarta distributed questionnaires future members of their communities. A detailed study of the state security officers came to the conclusion that these surveys meet all the criteria of a professional intelligence activities.People exhaustively transpired, not only of their marital status, religious beliefs, interests, level of wealth, but it set clear questions. In particular, if the person was military, the Scientologists established the number of the military unit and its deployment, as well as the location of objects and weapons storage sites.- Showed signs of destructive totalitarian sect in their activities. Freedom of choice does not provide this sect. To leave the people they simply do not give. That is, people are held constant conversations, why they leave, they call, pressured come members of the sect. Man first persuaded and then it is put in the hard conditions of associates based on the information that has been obtained from the person before - told LifeNews ex-employee of the department for combating organized crime FSB in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Moscow-based Church of Scientology allegedly spied on visitors - report


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Another sad story of Scientology's Children

Another sad story of disconnection, shattered families and bitterness. I got this email recently and edited it for the net. The whole thing is on my website at http://www.angrygaypope.com.

Here's an excerpt:

My parents got into Scientology in the their mid-20's before I was born. I was born into it. Second generation. I knew it was a scam from the time I was 5. My parents gave all their life, money and attention to Scientology to the point they neglected their kids. My mom was on staff all day and night. Me and my brothers and sisters would be at the Org watching TV until sometimes 10 at night pleading for us to go home. That's no way to raise your kids. Put them in a room with all the others kids after school in a room watching Jerry Springer and trash TV all night.

No joke we were like 10 years old hanging out at the org after school watching Jerry Springer. WTF is that? Scientology parents have a long history of neglecting their kids. I knew kids in LA from the Ranch whose parents were in the Sea Org. Some didn't see their parents at all or ever. Some saw them once every couple years. And these are kids that are under 18. Jesus. Come on people. It's a total cult and nature is killing it. This world is survival of the fittest and naturally kills and destroys all the leeches. The earth naturally purges insanity like this. They will be totally dead in 10 years. The baby boomer generation is why it is afloat. Once those people get over 65 and starting kicking the bucket there is going to be like 30 people there.

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Conway Hall...What Has Scientology Got to Hide?

An aweful lot...

I stole this off of Tony Ortega's blog in the comments, as I was too busy with other matters to take photo's, you can see the back of my head...I don't think it's 3 feet, I think its a foot...

Great day in London, showed a couple of EXes theTottenham Court Road Dianetics Center. Went by a few times, at first nothing was happening, just a young lady and a security guy. After about an hour an old boy and younger woman were handing out leaflets, gotta keep your stats up! Loved it, when Mark Pinchin came out to see why my two friends kept staring at the entrance, he saw me, and boy was his face a picture.Unfortunately there isn't a picture, as it didn't come out. Never mind, it will be firmly, forever etched in my mind.

Took a trip over to Queen Victoria Street, boy, that was interesting, went up on the balcony opposite to get a good view, and there was our old friend, Janet Levoux in the foyer. Next thing you know she's up on the floor above with her trusty camra taking pics of us, filming us, filming you!

Very saddening to see the pretty little 20 somethings all togged up in their uniforms doing their KSW(Keeping Scientology Working), never knowing any different as they are born ins.

Off for dinner and some stories, and onto Conway Hall...

We had been in the building for some few minutes when an older guy approached us thinking one of the chaps I was with might be Terril Park, the build was right, but as he said "You look a bit young". I said, "Terril Park, absolutely not". He introduced himself and said "I want to see him, cos I want to get some auditing..." . I was gobsmacked! Anyway, moving on swiftly...because I am still gobsmacked...

I then met someone I have always wanted to meet, because regardless of anything else, this guy actually went into the Denmark Org with another, dressed in Sea Org uniform and demanded the OT materials and got them...his name is Robin Scott...you can read about him here...

Robin Scott briefing, 21 Apr 84

Robin Scott-great letter on Marty shared on Facebook [Archive ..

Robin did say to me... "We really did believe in 1982, we could turn things around for the better". He now knows, I do not believe that, there is NO making scientology better, nor was there ever.It was always corrupt, always will be corrupt, it was never ever meant to be anything else.


Now, to the reason we were there...John Sweeney, Tony Ortega and the publisher of their books, Humfrey Hunter...Quite an interesting talk given by these three men, the clips shown at the begining were rather loud, ear piercing, but such is life. I loved the fact that they had a chair there for Tom Cruise but he never showed up and eventually John Sweeney sat on him, or was that shat on him, either way, very funny!

One thing I personally was quite taken with, was Tony Ortega, when he explained what exactly Alex Gibney tried to do with his film...Going Clear...ordinary people from all walks of life, can and do unbelievable things because of their faith in a cause...it touched me in a way it never has before...

And I was very thankful, that he touched on the children and their plight, unfortunately, I did not think he went far enough and I don't think anyone does...I'll leave you with this from Robin Scott when he learnt that I was on the ship Apollo as a child..."If you were on the ship as a child, then you had a very rough time, my dear".

Anyway, off now to find the little creep security guard that stood outside Queen Victoria Street HQ today, I am sure I have seen him in some promo somewhere, possibly Mr. Ortega's blog, not sure, but I will find it and his very Scientological smile.


Scientology documentary Going Clear gets go-ahead to air on Sky in UK

The Guardian - ‎29 minutes ago‎
Celia Taylor, Sky's head of non-scripted commissioning, said: “Going Clear is a brilliantly compelling film that unflinchingly probes the secretive world of Scientology through powerful testimony and a beautifully crafted narrative. I am extremely ...



From my previous post, which I have deleted...

 Post subject: Re: Ortega's Underground Bunker
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Don Carlo wrote:
Garcias’ appeal rejected; now the couple faces the real possibility of Scientology arbitration, August 2, 2015, http://tonyortega.org/2015/08/02/garcia ... bitration/

If that goes to internal arbitration by Scientology the arbitration will find for Scientology. What a surprise!

It's just like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank.
It's just like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank.