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Conway Hall...What Has Scientology Got to Hide?

An aweful lot...

I stole this off of Tony Ortega's blog in the comments, as I was too busy with other matters to take photo's, you can see the back of my head...I don't think it's 3 feet, I think its a foot...

Great day in London, showed a couple of EXes theTottenham Court Road Dianetics Center. Went by a few times, at first nothing was happening, just a young lady and a security guy. After about an hour an old boy and younger woman were handing out leaflets, gotta keep your stats up! Loved it, when Mark Pinchin came out to see why my two friends kept staring at the entrance, he saw me, and boy was his face a picture.Unfortunately there isn't a picture, as it didn't come out. Never mind, it will be firmly, forever etched in my mind.

Took a trip over to Queen Victoria Street, boy, that was interesting, went up on the balcony opposite to get a good view, and there was our old friend, Janet Levoux in the foyer. Next thing you know she's up on the floor above with her trusty camra taking pics of us, filming us, filming you!

Very saddening to see the pretty little 20 somethings all togged up in their uniforms doing their KSW(Keeping Scientology Working), never knowing any different as they are born ins.

Off for dinner and some stories, and onto Conway Hall...

We had been in the building for some few minutes when an older guy approached us thinking one of the chaps I was with might be Terril Park, the build was right, but as he said "You look a bit young". I said, "Terril Park, absolutely not". He introduced himself and said "I want to see him, cos I want to get some auditing..." . I was gobsmacked! Anyway, moving on swiftly...because I am still gobsmacked...

I then met someone I have always wanted to meet, because regardless of anything else, this guy actually went into the Denmark Org with another, dressed in Sea Org uniform and demanded the OT materials and got them...his name is Robin Scott...you can read about him here...

Robin Scott briefing, 21 Apr 84

Robin Scott-great letter on Marty shared on Facebook [Archive ..

Robin did say to me... "We really did believe in 1982, we could turn things around for the better". He now knows, I do not believe that, there is NO making scientology better, nor was there ever.It was always corrupt, always will be corrupt, it was never ever meant to be anything else.


Now, to the reason we were there...John Sweeney, Tony Ortega and the publisher of their books, Humfrey Hunter...Quite an interesting talk given by these three men, the clips shown at the begining were rather loud, ear piercing, but such is life. I loved the fact that they had a chair there for Tom Cruise but he never showed up and eventually John Sweeney sat on him, or was that shat on him, either way, very funny!

One thing I personally was quite taken with, was Tony Ortega, when he explained what exactly Alex Gibney tried to do with his film...Going Clear...ordinary people from all walks of life, can and do unbelievable things because of their faith in a cause...it touched me in a way it never has before...

And I was very thankful, that he touched on the children and their plight, unfortunately, I did not think he went far enough and I don't think anyone does...I'll leave you with this from Robin Scott when he learnt that I was on the ship Apollo as a child..."If you were on the ship as a child, then you had a very rough time, my dear".

Anyway, off now to find the little creep security guard that stood outside Queen Victoria Street HQ today, I am sure I have seen him in some promo somewhere, possibly Mr. Ortega's blog, not sure, but I will find it and his very Scientological smile.


Scientology documentary Going Clear gets go-ahead to air on Sky in UK

The Guardian - ‎29 minutes ago‎
Celia Taylor, Sky's head of non-scripted commissioning, said: “Going Clear is a brilliantly compelling film that unflinchingly probes the secretive world of Scientology through powerful testimony and a beautifully crafted narrative. I am extremely ...



From my previous post, which I have deleted...

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Don Carlo wrote:
Garcias’ appeal rejected; now the couple faces the real possibility of Scientology arbitration, August 2, 2015, http://tonyortega.org/2015/08/02/garcia ... bitration/

If that goes to internal arbitration by Scientology the arbitration will find for Scientology. What a surprise!

It's just like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank.
It's just like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank.


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