Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Scientology's OSA with Radio Paul

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The Office of Special Affairs or OSA (formerly the Guardian's Office) is a department of the Church of Scientology. According to the Church, the OSA is responsible for directing legal affairs, public relations, pursuing investigations, publicizing the Church's "social betterment works," and "oversee[ing its] social reform programs". Some observers outside the Church have characterized the department as an intelligence agency, comparing it variously to the CIA, the Secret Service, and the KGB. The department has drawn criticism for its involvement in targeting critics of the Church for dead agent operations. OSA has mounted character assassination operations against many critics of the Church.

OSA is the successor to the now-defunct Guardian's Office, which was responsible for Operation Snow White; both are in Department 20 in the Scientology Org-Chart. The most recent head of OSA International was Mike Rinder, who has since departed from the organization.


Very Interesting radio interview with Darth Xander, who produces amazing footage of the Sea Org getting on and off buses in Clearwater Florida and who is responsible for the footage of the photos of young children in the Sea Org I have on this blog. Paulien Lombard, who like Tory Magoo was an OSA volunteer and tried to stop people from protesting against Scientology, Bert Leahy, who has never been connected to Scientology, but was hired to do a video film called the Squirrel Busters which turned out to be a concerted effort to harass Marty Rathbun, the Inspector General of Scientology until 2004 when he defected. Gary Scarff, who was an OSA official and pretended to be from another cult in order to help get the Cult Awareness Network shut down by bankrupting them, and was actually asked to snuff someone out.

Is Scientology really the religion that wants a world without  war,crime and insanity?Hard to believe, isn't it?

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