Monday, 1 August 2011

Continued from Scientology Spokespersons........

In this TV show, not sure of exact date, at the end of this  video debate with Heber Jentzsch and Scientology followers Anne Archer, actress, Mother of Tommy Davis say's she knows the learning techniques used in Scientology work because she raised her children with it:

Here is Tommy Davis:
This is the Best Scientology has.
Tommy Davis a Retrospective.
John Sweeney,BBC: Scientology and Me, How he was provoked.

At 4.08 on this video, I think we meet our old mate Spencer again, videoing John Sweeney.

And here we have Heber vs Phil again. (Part 6). Interesting footage here.According to the date it's the 14/5/95.

Not only does Heber tell us he worked in prisons, but an ex police officer of Toronto Canada says some interesting stuff about scientologists getting work in the records department of the Police Force.

Here we have Heber again, this time arrested with 71 church members, Heber was a former actor and now the International Head of Scientology - Now Missing.

Here's some news reports about Heber's arrest:

Spain seizes Scientology Leaders:

How do these scumbags get away with it?

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