Sunday, 1 September 2013

Funny Sence of Humor from Down Under...

Vandals target Church of Scientology in late night attack

TWO men are wanted in connection with a late night attack on the Church of Scientology headquarters in East Grinstead.

Police have released CCTV images of the suspects, who were spotted approaching the front entrance of Saint Hill Manor, in Saint Hill Road, at 11.45pm on Saturday, August 17.

One of the men unscrewed a light bulb from a wall plaque and threw it at a street sign, causing the bulb to smash, before both of them walked away.

The pair are described as white and in their 20s.

The man who threw the bulb was about 6’, well built and wearing a polo shirt. The other man is described as being of medium height, wearing a black tee-shirt, a baseball cap and shorts.

East Grinstead Police Sergeant Graeme Prentice said: “This was an isolated incident for that area and we are hoping that CCTV images will be seen be people who may recognise them, and we would also like to talk to anyone who was in that area late that night and saw them.

Anyone with any information should contact Sussex Police on 101, e-mail quoting serial 1778 of August 28.
Alternatively, Crimestoppers cen be contacted anonymously on 0880 555 111.

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So when we call crime stoppers, do we call the "church" of scientology, In East. Grinstead I would NOT be surprised...

How many Scientologists does it take to change a light bulb?


How many isolated incidents do there have to be before Government and the Police do something about it?


Men at work:


Men at Work - Down Under 1981 Video stereo widescreen 


Now, that takes some real confront...the lightbulb smashers of East. Grinstead, I guess we should all be scared out of our wits about these two guys, there is real big news in East. Grinstead.


Kids that have been brought up in this horrific cult in East. Grinstead are being transported to Clearwater, Florida and turned into Zombies for L. Ron Hubbard, a long time science fiction writer who wanted to smash his name into history, I think he's done that don't YOU. Now it's time to unsmash it!


Tell me what kind of town, when you enter it, within minutes has the Police asking you why you are there, what your intentions are and how long you intend to stay? What IS this? Really? What is this? I have NEVER had this happen to me anywhere else on earth.But it happens in East. Grinstead, especially when you arrive with people who have masks on. I never wear a mask, I am me, like it or lump it! but what is pertinent is the fact that my masked friends get cease and desist letters and I DO NOT!

I am still waiting Mr. Peter Hodkin, but you know better than that don't you? How to provoke an ex CMO? See you on the 6th, or will you be in Clearwater?

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Green River (1969) Full Album 


See you on the 6th, Mr. Hodkin. I want my cease and desist letter. i am sure you can and will provide it, see you on the 6th of October.


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