Wednesday, 25 September 2013

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"From it's inception, the church of scientology has been a potent and vital force in the field of social reform, dedicated to the preservation of human rights and civil liberties. That dedication would be meaningless if the church was not willing to stand and fight when those rights and liberties are threatened. Inevitably therefore, church has found it necessary to, as a matter of both principle and survival to stand up to the Internal Revenue Service, an agency that has made the abuse of authority a daily routine.The price the church pays for being the vanguard for IRS reform is countless acts of retaliation and vengeance by an agency completely out of control.

The IRS is the personification of government without rules or conscience. It feeds on the fear of the citizens and thrives in the safety that fear and power generates. The time has come for the Nation to say "Enough", to put a halt to IRS abuses and that agency's reign of terror.

The church is conducting this public education campaign to illustrate just how completely out of control the IRS really is. What you read is but a snapshot of the IRS at work. The full dimensions of IRS conduct are mind boggling, because the horror stories recounted above are merely a few drops in an ocean of abuse. The truth will shock you and anger you, and when it does, you will want to help us to bring about changes that will force the IRS to be responsible, accountable, and lawful. But regardless of IRS retaliation, the church of scientology (illegible)"

Hmmm, did the "church" of the ecclesiastical elite take over the IRS, just like they took over CAN (Cult Awareness Network), co$ it sure sounds like they are talking about themselves.I think in this piece the IRS must stand for International Reserves of Scientology or even International Rescue - Scientology.

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