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HCO - Financial Irregularities

Hubbard's Communication Office
St.Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex

HCO Policy Letter of 14 March 1982

FP Pack
Finance Terminals

Financial Irregularities

Anyone who permits, neglects or forwards financial irregularities with org finances is, to put it very mildly tampering with his own future.

It is not a matter of !Oh, that's just the org" and "The company is a bottomless pit." It is not the same with Scn orgs as it is out there in business.

The waste and financial laxity which characterizes the work-a-day world may be the fashion out there but it is not the way scn orgs may go.

The business of Scientology involves the future of this population and planet and only the very insane would tamper with that,

I have been researching upper OT levels and I can tell you this very plainly: If  scn doesn't make it world wide you've had it - yes, I mean you.

One is not working for just this life. He is working for any future life at all.

When one uses an org for personal rip of, he is cutting his own throat.

Oh yes, I know the insane commit suicide. Yes, I know the psychs believe they are just brains and thus souless zombies. Yes, I know they hope they live only one life.

Only the insane or a zombie would imperil his own future.

So leave the insane conduct, the zombie ranting about one life to the psychs and the Justice Department and other trash. Don't forward their avowed intent of bankrupting Scientology financially. They have not made it, will not make it. But why help them?

Are you such a good friend of the raving psychiatrist or the terrorist FBI that you would imperil an scn orgby condoning financial irregularities?

The money donated to the Church belongs to expansion and salvage of the world population.

I set you a good example. Money that I make as an author is dedicated to this planet's future. And whatever I make- and I happen to be one of the best paid writers on the planet-will go into salvaging people-and has gone into it for over half a century. What do think paid for, pays for, the research you use?

HCO PL14 3 82                                 -2-

Many people sacrifice a very great deal - and thousands even forgoe high pay - for orgs to have enough money to get the job done. Don't waste it, worse, engage in personal games with it.

It isn't a matter of  "What can I make on the first dynamic.? It's "What can I make on for the Third and Fourth?"

The lifeblood of Western nations is money. When an org is dealing with this society it can go as far as it has financial resources.

The money that one makes for an org is intended to save more people.

Alright,alright, if one has a penchant for being a soulless idiot, and believes he has no future, then he is in for a dreadful surprise once he kicks the bucket. The worseoff he is, the nastier the surpise.

So don't let people play around with this.

One has no right at all to be an idiot about org funds, much less to waste or misuse them. Ignorance is no excuse atg all. The data is all in Finance packs. Good sense itself should make one prudent.

Let those who engage in financial irregularities go join the walking dead. They sure are no part of this team. They are buying no future. In fact they are burying themselves. If they knew what they were burying themselves in, they'd faint.

This is not a plea. I am just pointing out that org monies misdirected in this life could very well guarantee a very nasty next.

Millions of criminals suffering in prisons share this in common with those who engage in org financial irregularities - they too thought there were no consequences. But those criminals have it easy. They are only suffering this life.

Anyone who has misdirected Scientology org monies will, of course, try to brush it off in various ways-black PR, belittlement, seeking to make nothing of the crime. But it won't brush off,brother, it won't brush off. THAT crime stood in the way of freedom. You better believe it.

Whether one has any reality on Scientology or not-he will, once dead, oh yes, he will.

This is not a threat or curse. This is about the most friendly advice anyone ever gave.

L. Ron Hubbard

Adopted as Official Church Policy
by the 
Church of Scientology 

Pages 55 and 56.

[PDF]Printed and Comiled by POLO EU

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