Thursday, 25 February 2016

From the McClaughry's added information on Dr. Hubbard

And, when I said "Simply the Best", I meant it.

DOX – In 1966 Ron Hubbard Ordered Staff to Stop Using His Sequoia University Ph.D.

mcclaughry at The McClaughry's Blog - 2 hours ago
On February 14th, 1966, Hubbard concocted a shore story of why he wanted scientologists to stop putting PhD after his name. Another find today, is that Richard DeMille explains that the reason for the Sequoia 'degrees' and such was to impress "bureaucrats and other authoritarians."

Added: - a letter from Dr. Hubbard...

This FAKE doctor is the Source of chloral hydrate abuse by Scientologists:

Both of these images can be found in the thread below on ESMB, starting on page 33. This thread is 98 pages long and barring some derailment, it is well worth reading all the way through.It gives incredible insight into what happens when so called 'Dr's' are anything but, but tell the world', they are the authorities on mental health.This organization('orgs' for short), which claims to be 'Churches', when did you ever hear of a church being called an "ORG", only in Scientology. It is NOT a Church, its an ORG, just add a 'B' in front and what have you got, Science Fiction, masquerading as mental health. And what does that 'B' stand for? B1, Bureau 1: Information 

Scientology's Secret Service: 2. The Guardian Office

Here is that ESMB thread of 98 pages...

How many people went type III (ie. had a Psychotic Break) in yo

Dr. of Divinity...the state of being a GOD and there you have it folks, till next time... 





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