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Fair Game Includes Committing Murder

Fair Game Includes Committing Murder


(14) Baron Baretz (declared a S.P.), who left scientology and was critical (told to me by Al Kaplan (Kapula) a franchise holder, himself in the U.S. and had been sent by H.C.O to pressure me when I made it public I was leaving scientology). He told us of the story of Baron Baretz - he said that the guardian's office decided to hire a "button man" to silence him and the scientology case officer contacted a Mafia hit man to do the job, but it backfired disastrously for scientology as Baron Baretz had just recently married into a mafia family. He said he did not think they would be likely to hire a "outsider" again. This was in reference to asking if they were likely to hire outsiders to run R2-45 end of cycle on me. (then I later read that Baron Baretz had been arrested - I wondered if the scientologists had engineered it.)


In Nan McLean affidavit, dated 23 November 1978:
7. I have copies in my possession in which ex-Scientologists were declared "suppressive persons" and made subject to the "fair game law" and a copy of Auditor #37 placing 4 persons under auditing process R2-45. In the context of such Ethics Orders auditing process R2-45 cannot be considered humorous or a joke, but a serious order.The document attached hereto and marked Appendix "D", is a true copy of an original copy of the Auditor. The reference to Auditing Process R2-45, found in paragraph 7, under heading "Racket Exposed", was known by me as a staff member of the Church of Scientology to mean to kill someone with a Colt 45 automatic Pistol.

L. Ron Hubbard (1954): "Creation of Human Ability"

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