Saturday 24 November 2012

Third World Orphans and Scientology


Orphaned children doing Scientology's  mind altering training routines , it doesn't get much sicker than that. I want everyone of you that reads this blog, and I know there are a number of you worldwide, to be horrified at this atrocity.It is one of the worst violations of human rights, and when I think Scientology can sink no lower, they always have a trump card that makes their violations of human rights that much more degrading.To violate the orphaned children of such a disaster and use it for their own ends beggars belief.

John Travolta flashed this picture on David Letterman's Late Show, it's the first orphan the scientologists got hold of...his name is Pederson and he's one of the FOHO/GRODYSH children

John Travolta, wife Kelly Preston and Pat Harney in the yellow Volunteer Ministers jacket.Pat Harney is also part of OSA, scientology's Office of Special Affairs, which used to be the GO (Guardians Office)until they got caught infiltrating Government offices world wide under Hubbard's rule in the 70s.

Scientologists shouldn't be allowed any where near children.

     Being taught the way to happiness - notice booklet.

David Miscavige's Ideal Orphanage.

From Limbe Acedemy
I want to restore the education system with the technology of L. Ron Hubbard. His extensive investigation into the problems of teaching others led to a breakthrough – the first comprehensive understanding of the real barriers to effective learning. From this, Mr. Hubbard developed a precise technology on how to learn any subject – a technology that ensures a person will not only fully grasp what he is studying, but proficiently apply what he has studied in work or in life.

This study technology offers an answer to the dire situation in Haiti. Education is the foundation to a productive, happy life. I need your financial support to ensure the education of our children.

You can save a child for $ 25 per month.

Pierre Brice Erasmin and Peggy Saint-Amour receiving their certificate for study technology in the USA

Teaching scientology to orphans of an earthquake disaster

 February  2010:


  1. Thank you for documenting this abuse. Your blog is a beacon of light on the issues of Scientology and it's efforts to control and brainwash children.

    1. Thank you for your comment, I have been having trouble keeping up with everything, hence the delay in reply.Scientology is very good at brainwashing children. It and L. RON Hubbard managed to brainwash some of my closest friends at a very young age. I find it very sad that to this day they might go back if only DM was removed. DM is the epitome of a scientologist child, why can they not see this.

      One of the biggest abuses metered out by Scientology is that of it's children, for that alone they should be prosecuted and YES, persecuted.

  2. Sharone this is terrible. I had no idea. Would love to see Tony Ortega reporting on this.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank YOU, Pete. However, it's not my work. It is that of someone on ESMB.But it is very close to my heart. I was that scientology child once, so I know. I find it despicable that some scientologist kids, having gotten out in the real world still find themselves unable to confront the lies they perpetuated and in order to keep L. Ron Hubbard's world alive, they to this day will lie in order to keep the true story from ever being told.In the meantime, children in third world countries are NOT just suffering with the fact that they live in the third world but are being subjected to the grossest of atrocities subjected to any living child and ALL in the name of "Keeping Scientology Working."

      It's OBSCENE!

  4. I notice in the 3rd photo from the last the kids look very unhappy and like they have just been forced to pose in front of toys they aren't allowed to touch. (Also most of those toys look to be for toddlers and babies, not kids of their age.)

    In the second to last photo one kid is proudly holding up a EMPTY BOX to show off his 'toy." I never tire of the awful, contrived photo ops Scientology tries to perpetuate to improve their public image without actually having to help anyone or spend a dime. It amazes me because actually doing the work and giving the kids a few toys would be much easier than the charade the perpetuate.

    1. Correct!

      You don't get toys when you are a scientologist kid, the nearest you get is clay and you make a demo of the word you did not understand.

  5. Hi Sharone

    I was sorry to lose contact with you from ESMB and Facebook. I am still on Facebook as Da Blipsta and would welcome a friend request or message.

    Love ya

    Infinite BLiP

  6. Sorry BLiP, i have e-mailed you. I am banned from ESMB. I said to Mick Wenlock, one of the Moderators there "If you don't like what I say, then BAN ME" He promptly did. And then said "AT your request".

    I don't think he liked that I asked about him being in the newspapers as someone arrested along with Heber Jentzsch and 77 other Scientologists in Spain in the 70s. It did NOT go down very well.But, then it wouldn't would it? It's Scientology.

    A friend of mine who is very good with computers, did a bit of tracking regards ESMB and what did they come up with. I saw it for myself. Church of Scientolology International. Make of that what you will.