Friday, 30 November 2012

Young Kids at Flag!

Flag is the Sea Org, it started in 1967, called the Sea Project and became the Sea Org. Orgs are the so called "churches" of Scientology and according to Scientologists it is the ecclesiastical part of Scientology, likened to that of MONKS or that of NUNS. You give up your entire life and devote yourself to something, usually some type of GOD. Well, let me make this CLEAR, and it is about the only type of CLEAR you will get in Scientology. Children brought up in this world HAVE NO CHOICE, none at ALL.

Here are some of the children of yesterday: 1968/69

And these are the children of today:

Interesting thing about this, their clothes have changed, the uniform has gone and suddenly they appear to be individual, well, David Miscavige, you are the one I feel the most sorry for, because YOU DO NOT GET INDIVIDUALITY by changing clothes.

Let's put the kids in some trendy T-shirts and what not, are you having a laugh?

What exactly is going on in your head?

You think putting the kids in different clothes is going to change the climate?

Can you not see how unhappy this kid is?

What the f*ck is going on here, what IS GOING ON?

You obviously have NO IDEA just how disgusted I AM WITH YOU!

Does anyone know who this boy is? (the one holding the blue carrier bag). He looks remarkably like a young boy I saw going into St. Hill Manor, East. Grinstead in October 2011 at the IAS fund raiser.

All these young children above will do Scientology's courses starting with the Training Routines, TRs. They will be audited on an E-Meter and sec checked, just like the children in Haiti and Bangladesh and all other disaster areas of the world that the Scientology vultures will descend upon to further L. Ron Hubbard's mission of  "Clearing the Planet".

 Kids in Haiti doing the scientology Training routines, TRs.Taken to the young orphans of Haiti by John Travolta and the Volunteer Ministers. Vultures preying on young defenseless kids

Scientology Training routines, TRs, being applied to young people, teenagers in Bangladesh.

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