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Police Point to Scientology Sect as Key in 3 Murders

The Valley News
27 November 1969

A local sect steeped in the philosophy of Scientology may be the key to the mystery surrounding the brutal murders of two young women and a teenaged boy earlier this month.
The disclosure was made by Rampart Division Police Lt. Earl A. Deemer, who said he had "strong reason to believe" a girl found stabbed last Nov. 16 in the Hollywood Hills may have belonged to the American Saint-Hill organization, a Scientology sect headquartered at 2723 W. Temple St.

Stabbed 17 Times

Also members of the sect were 19-year-old Doreen Gaul and 15-year-old James Sharp, whose bodies were found dumped in an alley near the junction of the Harbor and Santa Monica Freeways last Friday night.

Lt. Deemer said all three victims had been stabbed about 17 times in the heart and 17 times in the head.
The right eyes of Miss Gaul and Sharp were gouged out, but the right eye of the unidentified woman in the Hollywood Hills was not, he added.

Lt. Deemer said he had asked for a membership list of the Scientology organization, but so far had been refused.

He added he would go to court if necessary to obtain the list, which may give the identity of the Hollywood Hills victim and furnish leads to the killer or killers.

Miss Gaul, originally of 570 Myrtle St., Albany, N.Y., only recently came to Los Angeles to join the sect, which advocated the belief man is truly a spirit, with a chief goal of freeing "of the soul of wisdom."

She reportedly lived in a female "commune" at 1023 S. Bonnie Brae St.

Sharp, meanwhile, had spent more time with the sect, which also has a large organization in St. Louis, near his home town of Crestwood, Mo. He lived at 1437 Bali Court in Crestwood.

Although only 15, Sharp was being groomed for the ministry within the sect and had been assigned to "audit" Miss Gaul, or determine if she should be allowed membership.

Sharp lived in another "commune" at 921 S. Bonnie Brae St. Both his and Miss Gaul's apartments were not far from the sect's headquarters, ironically just across the street from the Rampart Division Station.

Lt. Deemer said it was also believed Miss Gaul is a relative of John Malone, former special agent in charge of the Los Angeles FBI office and now special agent in charge in New York City.

Wearing Biding Clothes

The girl, who Lt. Deemer confirmed had been raped, was wearing only a thin strand of multi-colored beads when found.

The unidentified woman in the Hollywood Hills a tall, attractive brunette — was wearing riding attire when found.

Lt. Deemer said he also wished to talk to L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the local Scientology sect now believed to be in England.

The sect is affiliated with the Church of Scientology of California at 2005 W. Ninth St.


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