Tuesday, 20 November 2012

This Week on the God Discusion Show - Narconon Exposed

This week on the God Discussion show:

November 18, 2012 - Not everyone agrees that the success of Narconon is "second to none" or that it is a secular service not tied into the Church of Scientology. We'll be talking with some of those dissenters — David Edgar Love, Robert Robinson and Colin Henderson — during this week's God Discussion show. Crippling sanctions imposed by a Georgia judge last week have pushed questions about Narconon, a residential program for substance abusers, back into the limelight.


November 19, 2012- FOX NEWS 25 OKLAHOMA Investigative Reporter, MARISA MENDELSON, in a TWO PART News Report about the deaths at the Scientology Rehabs, Narconon. After three deaths within a nine month period at the same drug rehab facility, three families come together to share their stories about what they think caused the deaths of their children. "They murdered her, just flat murdered her," said Matthew Holten. "I'm celebrating his life," said Shirley Anne Gilliam on June 23rd. "The last place I saw him alive was here." "I definitely feel like this could have been prevented," said Tonya White. The families of Gabriel, Hillary and Stacy are now suing Narconon for wrongful death. Gary Richardson represents all of them. "Personally, I think they have to be shut down," said Richardson. FULL STORY HERE;


One wonders, Is this the Dr's Hubbard?

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