Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A' Ha moments...I have had plenty of them over the last few years...

You have many a'ha moments in this life and none more so than when you are dealing with scientology...you don't deal with scientology...scientology deals with you...it is called "handling"and Oh my Xenu they do it so well.By the way 'Oh my Xenu' replaces 'Oh my God'

Here is Xenu:

This is L. Ron Hubbard's drug addled mind...

Yes, while the rest of the world are focused on poor Marty Rathbun, some of us know there are worse things at play...

What will these kids know about Xenu/Xemu? Nothing! But they will be brought up to believe that LRH needs Hip, Hip Hooraying to for the wonderful mind destructive technology that he brought to the world and enforced on young children, making their parents totally blind to the fact that they were torturing their own kids, after all he did it to his own kids, why should anyone else's be any different?

Germany has it right, they were the only government I wrote to who had the courtesy to bother to reply, barring one Sussex MP, and NO I won't reveal who, just shows you what kind of world we live in doesn't it?

This from ESMB:

Adidas Contract With Bayern Munich Player Forbade Scientology Membership

In case ESMB goes down, which it has a habit of doing...

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Default Adidas Contract With Bayern Munich Player Forbade Scientology Membership

Sports Business Daily: Adidas Contract With Bayern Munich Player Forbade Scientology Membership

Available Excerpt: Published February 4, 2014

Football players who have a contract with adidas "are not allowed to be members of Scientology and spread the aphilosophy of its Founder L. Ron Hubbard," according to DER SPIEGEL. The information "comes from a kit deal that adidas signed with a current German national team and Bayern Munich...

And if you were any kind of decent person, you would forbid scientology too, don't fall for their religious crap, it's a front...


Larry Brennan speech at That is Scientology! Reports from the USA ...

  Adidas forbids Bayern Munich star to practise Scientology – Metro

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