Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Thetans in little bodies or grease monkey in a past life?

If it weren’t already terrible that we have to commute halfway around the Capitol Beltway every day to take the kids to school, the entire Virginia section of the beltway is under heavy construction right now – which means lots of debris on the road, and lots of opportunities for flat tires. We’ve now had three flats in the last 2 months.

This morning, however, my wife had a bit of a different shock. After seeing that our car had a flat, and jacking it up to change it (I had already left hours ago for work), my 2-year-old daughter demanded to be able to help fix the Subaru. (In case you missed it, she feels very strongly about the Subaru). After my wife stood on the wrench to loosen up the bolts, she then watched in awe as our daughter walked up to the wheel, and without being shown what to do, one-by-one loosened all of the lugs on the wheel until it was ready to be taken off.

All my wife could do was sit back in awe. It was like this was the 50th tire she’d changed, as she just walked up & went to work with no hesitation. She then, proceeded to put each of the 5 lugnuts on her fingers as she loosened them off, which I guess was the way they did it back her day.

Even Worse...

9 day olds with a PC folder(that is Pre Clear folder), it's the start of having files kept on you , 9 days old, this is just too gruesome for words.

"Auditing" is sometimes seen as controversial, because auditing sessions are permanently recorded and stored within what are called Preclear Folders. Scientologists believe that the practice of auditing helps them overcome the debilitating effects of traumatic experiences, most of which have accumulated over a multitude of lifetimes,whilst babies may not be put on the e-meter, it won't be long before they are...children grow quickly and by 6 years old they will be security checked and gotten used to being on the e-meter. This device to a young child is almost like a 'god'... divine being that can read all your thoughts, anyway that is how it was explained to me as a young child. Maybe it was put that way to me because I went to a normal school and already did bible studies.

from OTBT
"Scientology babies are typically given assists, such as Touch Assists, Nerve Assists, and Locationals. Babies are not put on the meter.

Touch Assists for babies involve auditor using finger to touch various body parts, most importantly the fingers and toes.

Nerve Assists for babies involve auditor gently stroking body parts, back torso, arms and legs. Not much in the way of verbal auditing commands.

Locationals for babies involve auditor getting the baby to touch assorted solid objects, such as walls, doors, any large physical object.

Newborns are typically informed that they now have a new body, are welcomed to their new body."

Whilst to the uninitiated this might sound like the kind of things you do to a newborn anyway, except for the last sentence. It is much more regimented and engineered, not natural.And of course most normal people would not keep a file on their children. Photo albums, scrap book but not a file.

I know there are many of you reading this that don't know an awful lot about scientology or anonymous for that matter, anonymous bless them say some things that some of you might be appalled at, however, they do make me laugh at some of their antics whilst trying to write about a subject that I find very difficult at times, a bit too close to the bone, sometimes they really do get it in perspective...

"Ve have Your Paperz , Ve know you soil you diaperz, Und you are still teething, U are still a degraded baby Und have ze Crimez against Scientologyz, report to ethicz! nao!" - Anonymous

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