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The Strange History of the Scientology Ship “Aries” – Drugs, Murder, and the CIA

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Warren Burl Hudson was a Lieutenant (jg) in the Navy during the Vietnam War - he was a pilot.

Note by me:I wasn't the first Messenger, I was one of the first few, I was actually the Fifth. There was already the two Gillham sisters, Claire Popham and Suzette Hubbard, however I was the youngest of the five, and as far as I know to date, the only one to actually speak out publically.

Virginia and Mike deserve a lot of respect and they certainly have it from me, for managing to pull up all this drug running stuff...I had no idea.When I was a kid, I knew there were people on the ship that were really bad but I didn't know the half of it. It scares me to think I was growing up in the thick of it all.

The one and only time anything came up to do with drugs was when William Deitsch and I think Rod Taunton and another guy whom I don't remember, but do wonder if it was Baron Berez ( not familiar with him, might know if I saw a face) was locked in the cattle stalls on the Apollo,a sort of caged cell. William Deitsch went missing in Corfu. I would still like to know what happened to him?

Scientology in Corfu

Virginia cites

Former Sea Org member Elena Lorrel (pseudonym) –
What we were doing was James Bond stuff, in all these different countries.

Some of the missions we undertook were real intelligence missions: to the United Nations, as well as to almost every government of the countries we visited.
We were infiltrating these groups…trying to covertly back one political candidate versus another.
Messiah or Madman by Bent Corydon and L. Ron Hubbard Jr., 1987, interview with Elena Lorrel, p. 38, 39.

Well, my Father thought he was James Bond till his dying day, he told me so and that's what scared me.Seriously weird shit!

Scientology in Corfu

What were Hubbard’s plans for Corfu?
His Manifesto promised the conversion of the Old and New Fortresses into hotels, casino, and recreation grounds; the construction of seven yacht marinas, a new harbour in the north, three golf courses, and new schools and hotels; the development of Lazaretto Islet with hotel; and many new factories (including car assembly, aircraft spare parts and agricultural machinery).

The second part of the Manifesto dealt with the matter of the University:
‘Once upon a time Corfu had her own university. This was taken from her at a time of great centralization and since this university functions today elsewhere, there are no hopes it will return here.
‘But there is no need to request for its return.
‘The only thing that is needed is to establish a new university in Corfu.’
That is, a University dedicated to Scientology.
Tucked away at the end was a so-called ‘Supplementary Arrangement’ which may well have been the main point of the whole exercise:
‘We shall make efforts to have the local Royal Palace given as a gift for this worthy target.’
Today, Corfu’s university has been re-established, and many of the infrastructure works that Hubbard promised have been constructed without his help. Maybe if Hubbard had got his way, Corfu would have gained them sooner… And maybe Tom Cruise would be taking his holidays here in Corfu…

Compiled by Hilary Paipeti

And maybe Corfu would be now what is Clearwater... fortunately when I went there three years ago, it was not.

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