Sunday, 15 November 2015

Tom Cruise's Ego Bigger than History


As MCA Universal prepares  a preemptive strike against America’s most important recent history—the public assassination of one of the original American Drug  Lords in a movie starring a world- famous Scientologist playing a man outweighing him by a good hundred pounds—it may be time to stand up for what's left of the truth.

Barry Seal wasn’t starring in a Jason Borne movie

Funny, because they managed to make Wagna Moura look not unlike Pablo Escobar...

In the news
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Narcos is shot on the streets of Bogota, which allows Moura to experience the local's ...
Marroquin, now 38, grew up in an era when his father (pictured) was ranked the 7th richest man in the world by Forbes magazine with an estimated £18billion fortune

Gary Webb Was Right | Marc Levin - Huffington Post

It's nice to see Marc Levin vindicate Gary Webb in his reporting.

Operation 40 - Spartacus Educational

Felix Rodriguez - Spartacus Educational

Frank Fiorini (Sturgis) - Spartacus Educational

Porter Goss - Spartacus Educational


The CIA, the drug dealers, and the tragedy of Gary Webb ...


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