Thursday, 12 November 2015

I think this bears repeating one more time...Tom Cruise UNCUT

You have changed my life Tom...

And he has met with the leaders of men...,and one of them happens to be Simon Cowell, no wonder it's called the X factor...

Scruffy Simon Cowell kicks back in slouchy tracksuit bottoms as he jets into LAX with Lauren Silverman and mini-me son Eric

He’s known for teaming white open-wide shirts with black high-waisted trousers.
But as Simon Cowell touched down in Los Angeles on Wednesday, he decided to switch up his trademark style for something far more comfortable.
The 56-year-old cut a low-key figure in grey tracksuit bottoms as he was guided through LAX alongside his girlfriend Lauren Silverman and mini-me son Eric.
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Keeping his cool: Simon Cowell cut a low-key figure as he touched down in Los Angeles his girlfriend Lauren Silverman and mini-me son Eric on Wednesday

And this is the man that supports Sea Org...on national TV...what a hero

So, who can tell me who this man is...on the far right...little guy with a Scottish accent...he's right there along with several well known scientology people...why is it, nobody seems to know him?Somebody knows him...I reckon he's in the RPF and I also reckon he's been there for at least 2+ years since he came to spy on me...anyone? It ain't fucking funny, this is serious.

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