Monday, 2 June 2014

The Brainwashed World of Ron's Org ( look it up)

When I was about 15 years old, I realised what had been done to me... at the age of 10 years old Ernie Martin...Kha Khan, one of the Galactic Patrol(the other was Captain Bill Robertson), had at Coopers Wood, East Grinstead, molested me, even in public and nothing was done about it, other than to remove him from the premises. He not only went on to become Kha Khan (look it up), but also became a famous OT. He is a giant amongst men in $cientology's Ron's Org, you know the famous Russian Org of $cientologists who do things outside of the 'church', that same 'church' that was supposedly banned in Coopers Wood also as a resident was Bo Johnson, nice man, committed suicide, similar to the man that resided at Little Baldwins, James Stewart and committed suicide in Scotland (look it up)Karen Black, the famous actress also lived at Coopers Wood, she gave me for my 10th Christmas a set of authentic Carnaby Street handcuffs...if only I knew...she obviously did not...because she was a devout $cientologist her whole life...asking for donations for cancer treatment before her sad is that?

Recently, I have been watching the Ron's Org speeches made by Valerie Stansfield, how sad is that? This is a woman I  knew when I was a little these videos, how OT is she? She is not only NOT OT, She's not even FUCKING CLEAR !

Her son had a bad time in the "church", but she doesn't want to talk about it...I wonder why?

But good old Ron, well I can tell you stuff about him all the time, come on Russia, people appear to be committing suicide big time in Russia, what is that all about?

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