Saturday, 11 June 2011

Mixed Emotions.

When I started on this journey of self discovery, I had little idea what was in store for me. That is not strictly true, as I had been in the Sea Org and knew speaking out would be detrimental to my health, but there comes a time when you can not stay quiet on issues, especially when they affect so many other lives.

If it had not been for the internet, I possibly would never have known about all those other lives.Strangely enough, I was a staunch advocat that computers were a waste of time, yet I now find myself and have done for a few years now being a daily correspondant.

I find the terminology difficult to grasp, I find learning new computer skills difficult to grasp and yet, i find it difficult to stop doing what I feel is important, and that is to show how detrimental to one's health and well being Scientology is.

I find online communications difficult with have been scientologists. I find sometimes, in communication that there are great discrepancies between the normal communication between people and scientology communication between people to be a foreign language. And, It Is, often.

This Is often, not their fault, because they are trapped into a different world.L. Ron Hubbard's world.

What I find the hardest to understand Is how you need help and once there was something called the Cult Awareness Network, but now if you were to phone this organisation, you would be calling the very people that caused you so much strife in the first place. It's been taken over by Scientologists. How apt!

If that does not tell you something about Scientology then I don't know what does.

A cult/sect takes over the very help that Is needed to help people.There Is no hope, whatsoever.

From speaking to various people whom have loved one's trapped into this heinous cult, it is apparent that barring kidnapping them away from this, there IS nothing that will deter them from staying trapped inside the belief system.Many, even when finally out, still continue to have faith and belief in their founder and originator of the scriptures that they have spent a lifetime believing in.I find it sad, depressing and totally demoralising that these people cannot and will not see that it is all bullshit. Every last bit, but they justify and condone and try and convince that there is some value there. Some shred of credibility, that their life has not been wasted. I am the last person on earth that would try to make nothing of someone's life. I know only too well how harsh life can be, but when you have all the facts, and they are staring you in the face, isn't it time to say "enough is enough" and stop trying to justify another man's con. Are you not, just trying to say " I could never have fallen for this, if there was no merit to it".

Many people have and have ruined their children's lives because of it.

It is now time to say, I will not let any more children's lives be ruined in the name of a bullshit philosophy, because of my pride.

I hope the freezoners/Independants of this world understand this.For It Is the children, whom never wanted to be a part of all this that have suffered the most.

I am not just talking Scientology here, although it is one of the worst, from my point of view, that may be biased as I am an ex scientology child.

So, who you gonna call when you can't take it anymore? Hmmm? The Freezone/Independants? Same shit, different day.The Ex Sea Org, same shit, different day. The Cult Awareness Network, same shit, different day.Ex Scientologists, different day, some of the same shit.

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