Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A couple of things that caught my attention.

Been out of the loop for a couple of days, but trying to keep up with reading.

Two threads that got my attention on ESMB, a post by Smurf really got me going:


This is Amy, someone I had read about and watched on video, on the ex scientologykids.com message board. This is so sad, Jenna Miscavige is the neice of the  leader of Scientology now, known as COB, Chairman of the Board.What happened to Jenna, Amy, Kendra, Astra, Janis, Terri,Peter, Quentin, Arthur, Suzette, Diana, myself and so many others is unacceptable, and they try to call this a religion.We are spanninig a time line now of over forty years, with the above mentioned names and yet nothing has changed. Nothing!

We are talking 1st generation, 2nd generation and even third generation, I dare say we are even into 4th generation and Nothing has changed. Not a thing! We are still dealing with cult indoctrination of the highest order, governments won't do anything about it, media doesn't help a great deal. Law enforcement is protected by scientologists in certain areas and basically, scientology is creating their game plan which is to rule the world.Who cares?

By all accounts not very many.

Amy, if you should ever read this blog, I had high hopes for you. I know that is  a lot of expectation, but you sounded so sincere, and I know only too well how hard it is to be without a family. It is crippling.I understand, I really do, but what you have to understand is this; all the while you let these people manipulate you, you are letting down possibly thousands of other children.These children may be adults now, but their rights have been stripped away, one layer at a time and by letting the cult of scientology decide your fate, it also decides the fate of your children and their children and their children's children.

So, do we as ex scientologist's children allow them to complete their mission?

I won't, and I sincerely hope you won't either.


The other thread that has come up today is this:


Now, let's get this straight, Scientology has NOT been corrupted by David Miscavige, Scientology was always corrupt and that was by L. Ron Hubbard himself. Period!

Has Scientology continued to be corrupted by David Miscavige, the answer is YES!

He saw a good con, and continued to establish it.It made a lot of money, and he liked money, power and corruption, just like his predecessor, L. Ron Hubbard.

I will not allow a get out clause, just because some people did not see what I saw, but I will say this; if you have been indoctrinated for 39 years of your life from a very young age, it has to be difficult to change your way of thinking.I understand this. However, I will not accept this as a way to make L. Ron Hubbard right and David Miscavige wrong. They are both wrong, immoral, corrupt and without a shred of sympathy for any evil they have shown towards breaking up families whom otherwise would have held strong bonds, regardless of any so called religious morals that were foisted upon them through a contempt that was totally mired in greed, for recognition, money and power.

As an aside:Both L. Ron Hubbard and his family, the Loyal officers on board the Apollo all shared an abundance of good living, totally different to what the mere deckhands lived. I know this, because when I had done a long night shift, I used to sneak into the officers quarters and saw foods that I had never seen before for a very long time. I helped myself, if I had been caught, which fortunately I was not, I would have been overboarded. Of this, I have NO doubt!

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