Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Beware wolfs dressed as sheep.

I came across this video last night, thanks to a friend.


It is worth noting the sheer amount of Scientology-related terms that are part of normal speech for the participants in this documentary.

It is an important video in Scientology history, and although these true believers of Hubbards technology strongly believe in their determinism to continue up the bridge to total freedom, one thing they fail to notice is the fact that LRH was still very much in charge of Scientology at that time.

These people throw the word "freedom" around willy nilly like it is some sort of astounding benifit. From my point of view, the only freedom to be had is to stay away as far as possible from all forms of Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard.

One of the astonishing things I find about this video is the happy, happy false face of Scientology.This is auditing, folks. This is why these people can't tell right from wrong. They all have it, apart from one, that looks uncomfortable.

This is the face I remember from my childhood.

Happy, happy happy, let's put you in the hold,happy, happy, happy let's put you in the chain locker, happy, happy, happy, let's throw you overboard, smiling, smiling, smiling, but never mind any of that, because the "tech" works. I had this little ARC break and ha, I went in session and it blew my mind! Being thrown overboard is suddenly mind blowing and hey, it dosen't matter any more because I am full of electricity. And, guess what it is affordable electricity. It's affordable because I can make a lot of money out of it and I can have fun whilst ripping people off.

Cult leaders begets more cult leaders.

The Freezone is a slightly cheaper cult, because they have ARC. Affinity, Reality and Communication. So, we love it, its real and we communicate about it and all because LRH said so. These people will have very high ARC, because they are making a lot of money from suseptible people who are still in love with the ideology of what LRH made them believe was Scientology.What LRH made them believe and what is real are two totally different things.

Excerpt by David Mayo

He could be capable of incredible cruelty. On the ship there was an old man on the Royal Scotman who he made push a peanut round the decks with his nose. He had to get down on his hands and knees, he had to go round the deck, quite a long distance in a race with one or two others also in trouble. The first one back got let off and the last one got a double penalty. It was really tough on this old guy, Charlie Reisdorf. The surface of the deck was very rough wood, prone to splinter, so after pushing peanuts with their noses, they all had raw, bleeding noses, leaving a trail of blood behind them. I not only saw it but the entire crew of the ship was mustered - a mandatory attendance - we were required to watch this punishment, to make an example of it for the rest of us. Reisdorf was in his late 50s probably. His two daughters were messengers, they were 11 or 12 at time and his wife was there also. It was hard to say which was worse to watch: this old guy with a bleeding nose or his wife and kids sobbing and crying at being forced to watch this. Hubbard was standing there calling the shots, yelling, "Faster, Faster!". It was indignity, degradation and breaking a person's will, and making people watch. It was disgusting.

They used to have people locked in the chain locker, including small children. It was very dangerous because if the anchor started to slip and start running out, it would turn a body into pulp in no time at all. I saw children locked up in the chain locker.

He had a birthday party on March 13 1968; there was a woman who he ordered locked in the chain locker. During the party he had her brought out. She was filthy, covered with dirt and rust, and had not been allowed to wash or change clothes - she had been in there a week. She was pretty dirty - he brought her out to the party, he said he was giving her a reprieve and permitting her to come to the party, as if that was a nice gesture. She still wasn't allowed to wash or change, so she was brought to the party and had to stay and later she was returned [to the locker]. He said he was giving her a reprieve but it was just flaunting her degradation. It had looked like things were lightening up a little, people thought maybe things were getting better, then this happened and people were shocked and it gave us a sinister chill. She was in a dress.
Why did people stand by?
If they can figure out there is something wrong with the organisation, they should be able to figure out there is something wrong with LRH and his "tech". I guess that would make them accountable, wouldn't it?

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