Monday, 13 June 2011

Beware Sheep in Wolves Clothing.

The Freezone, Independant Community of Scientology are supposedly NO longer affiliated with the "church" of Scientology but still follow Hubbards rules and intentions just as if they were still within the "church".

Notice the Scientology cross worn by Minister Anita Warren. One wonders is she an ordained Minister, or just an ordained scientology Minister which is NO Minister at all.

These are the same Les and Anita Warren that Terril Park promotes on various ex scientologist message boards. The very same Scientology that has ruined thousands of lives, worldwide and continues to do so on a daily basis.

Frank and Mary Freedman both trained by LRH personally, therefore they are the authority on Hubbard's tech. The tech that Terril Parke say's and I quote " You are not tech literate" this was to me.Apparently also 'my bashing him, undermines my message' In case there is any doubt about what my message is " I believe ALL scientology to be harmful, in or out of the psuedo navy "church", I suppose the fact that some of these freezone, independant scientologists make a lucrative living off of this detrimental philosophy is totally besides the point. I think not.

Scroll down to watch a short clip of Franklin Freedom say how they had to become ordained ministers. What a joke.

They use the same stress test, same detox, same auditing, same tone scale, ethics handlings etc,etc.Trying to pretend it is any different is delusional to say the least, it is still L. Ron Hubbards Scientology.

Here is L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology:

and here is Jane Kember Guardian WW(World Wide):


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