Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Scientology vs Scientology.

It does not matter to me whether Scientology is practised inside the psuedo navy "church" or outside of the pseudo navy "church", it is still Scientology.

Scientologists still practise the beliefs of L. Ron Hubbard, whether in or out. So look at the beliefs of LRH, look at what he said, wrote, and believed, look at the things he did and most important of all look at all of the lies said by him.

If you still want to believe in this dreck, then go ahead, NO skin off of my nose. But, should YOU want to preach this nonsense to vulnerable and guillable people, then I will be the first to  call YOU out as a liar, a thief of human rights and as a fraudster.That is the principles of Scientology. They wreck lives!

If those in the independant, freezone community think they are having gains and wins from doing scientology without the constraints of LRH or David Miscavige, then good luck to them, but I say they are deluded.

How many of these independant/freezone scientologists have children?Have they raised them on scientology principles? How have their children turned out?

Do they believe they have dead aliens infested upon their bodies?

Fortunately for me, I do not believe in either scientology or dead aliens stuck to my body. BUT, what If I did?

Imagine, someone who had problems in life and maybe did not have the full scope of life as a 'normal' person should or would and then they were told they were infested with the spirits of dead aliens,attached to their bodies in clusters and then for the next however months or years they had to get rid of them via auditing.


Never even mind the money it costs to audit the goddamned things off. Just imagine you are covered in space aliens, imagine that, let's mock it up. They are there all over YOUR body and that is the reason YOU have problems. YOU have bad eye sight, YOU have bad hearing, YOU have autism, YOU have epilepsy, YOU have any number of ailments making YOUR life difficult AND they are ALL down to your body being covered in dead space aliens.

YOU have gone through the indoctrination of Scientology and in amongst ALL of the lies there are little bits of truth and YOU found YOUR little bits of "what is true for YOU is true for YOU.

IMAGINE having autism (look the word up) and thinking, quite sincerely that YOU are covered in dead space aliens. TRY and IMAGINE that.

YOU are suffering from Schizophrenia and YOU find out YOUR body is covered in dead space aliens. IMAGINE THAT! In order to get better YOU have to have auditing, IMAGINE THAT! An e-meter, that I know personally does NOT work. BUT, if YOU are a scientologist, YOU will fight to the death to tell ALL and sundry not only does it work, but YOU print Success Stories, and that makes it all better, doesn't it?

Success Stories are written under duress, whether inside the establishment of scientology or out.

IT is ALL a con.

I personally find this abhorent in view of what I went though and this IS all in the name of L. Ron Hubbard.

Emma did remove the original thread, and I know I do not have to read it, but I do, because I cannot believe what I am reading.

Oh, we don't support the "church", just the abuses. The "church" and it is in inverted comma's because I do not believe it to be any kind of church, the so called "church of Scientology as written and witheld by LRH himself is abuse. Period!

So, when I get phone calls from Terril and e-mails telling me this is HIS religion, I gather he supports the abuse laid down in the doctrines of Scientology. Period!

And this is why with regret, I will NO longer post on Ex scientologist Message Bourd or Ex Scientologykids. I will not if I can help it, be alongside someone on the same board who is still in such support of scientology, whether in the church or out.

I know it is a tough , long road, but I cannot in all conscience be a part of something I personally find to be so repugnant.

I lost my entire childhood through these people who cry out, a world without crime, drugs and criminality. There IS no sucess story in that.

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