Friday, 10 June 2011

David Miscavige.

Part 1.
Part 2.

Now there is an interesting statement from David Miscavige " In Scientology , you don't do anything for somebody else". And, apparently You also don't do much to help the children of the world. Christmas stories. Now there's a thing that makes the kid's happy, Christmas stories as told by the "Celebrities". Who are these people trying to fool?

Part 3.

LRH describes how he was shifted to the between-lives area on the planet Mars (a place where we all go after we die to have our memories erased by aliens)."And well, it starts like this -- it starts like this: I was up in the Van Allen belt -- this is factual, and I don't know why they're scared of the Van Allen belt, because it's simply hot. You'd be surprised how warm space is. Get down amongst the clouds and so forth, it can get pretty cold and damp. But you get well up and sunlight shining around and that sort of thing, it's quite hot. And the Van Allen belt was radioactively hot. A lot of photons get trapped in that area and so forth. And I was up there watching the sunrise. Well, that was very interesting. And my perception was very good, and I was taking a look at Norway and Essex and the places around, you know, and getting myself sort of oriented. And then something happened to me that I didn't know quite what had happened to me. I thought some facsimiles must have appeared in front of me, but they didn't look like facsimiles. And some other things happened and I had a feeling like I might possibly go into the sun. And a few other little uncomfortablenesses there where... That wasn't what awed me. But I got confused. I got confused because the sun was suddenly larger and then it was smaller and somehow or another I was doing a change of space process that I myself was not familiar with. And it made me sort of bite off my thetan fingernails just a little bit, you know?"

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