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A Musing of the Day: Re: Where the Hell was Starkey?

Where the Hell was Starkey 1?

7 February 1979 >> SU (Special Unit) Conditions Order 288-2 say that Gerry >> Armstrong is assigned to SHQ, posting to be assigned by SHQ >> CMO msnger. > >CL, wouldn't it be interesting if "SHQ CMO msnger" was Terri Gamboa. >I think this is most likely. In her own testimony (Gamboa in GA24, >p.4237) she said she had been "Commanding Officer CMO" in 1975, and >she had been "Messenger In Charge" as far back as 1968. It seems she >would have had seniority, therefore would have been the prime >candidate for an especially high and sensitive CMO position with >"Special Unit" (SU). > >>since there is a "Special Unit" Conditions Order assigning Gerry >>Armstrong to "SHQ," and since "WHQ" was a colloquialism amongst the >>cognoscenti there at the time that meant "Western Headquarters," I'm >>just forced to conclude that "SHQ"--which I can't find either >>mentioned or defined ANYWHERE else--meant "Special Unit >>Headquarters." > >If you're right and SHQ was "Special Unit Headquarters", and if Terri >Gamboa was that "SHQ CMO msnger" then that surely would have made her >the most senior of messengers. Well, first, I'm sorry about this reply taking so long. I've been chipping away at it as much as I could for days and days, and every day I would receive some new little piece of information that seemed to have a bearing on it somehow, and I've been trying to incorporate those, but each would require a new reevaluation of data, and so I've rewritten this about 8 times now, and at this point I've just got to cut it off where it stands and get it out to you, because there's even MORE coming in, and I can't take the time to incorporate it all into this. So I'll tell you up front that this response is incomplete, but here it is, warts and all: There may or may not be a problem with my speculation about what "SHQ" stood for. All I'll say for the moment, with ABSOLUTE certainty, is that the designations "SHQ" and "WHQ" were just two more signs that were nailed onto the signposts quite intentionally to point the wandering pilgrim into the bogs and brambles. That does NOT, however, rule out the possible, even likely, general validity of your hypothesis... >> 28 September 79 >> Norman Starkey writes a report that Gerry has been a good >> worker and always put duty first, and could be trusted. >> >>Norman F. Starkey, then, was working at SPECIAL UNIT (SU), and >>APPEARS to have been in a position of seniority and authority vis a >>vis the position that Gerry Armstrong was in at SU. > >What if Norman F. Starkey was the C/O of either SU or "Special Unit >Headquarters" (SHQ) or both? What about that hypothesis, and Terri >Gamboa was SHQ CMO Messenger? What about it? I'm PISSED that you fucking got there first, ~THAT'S~ "what about it"! Just kidding, Not. I mean, just kidding, period. (Nobody has "period" as a nick, do they?) Seriously, to answer your questions, I don't know that all the details are right yet, but I think the general gist of what you're saying is locked onto target. Since I wrote the message that you're replying to, I've had my faith challenged about my speculation that "SHQ" stood for "Special Unit Headquarters"--sort of, maybe, after a fashion, at least the speculation that it stood for those SPECIFIC words. But my speculation about the NATURE of what those initials stood for MAY have been more right than I could have guessed, and entirely through accident. There has recently been a flurry of checking and cross-checking and new data coming in, and now it appears, as with all things these slimy covert lying, deceitful, dodging motherfuckers came anywhere near, this whole issue of "WHQ" and "SHQ" is a poisoned punji stakes pit. It seems almost ridiculous to be getting transfixed on details like what "WHQ" and "SHQ" stood for, and at THIS, point, I'm not sure that it really matters. I hope what I'm going to lay out below will explain what I mean by that. But these ARE some of the secretive little "inner circle" designations that were used for secret locations at crucial times--between late 1976 and February 1980, the period when "L. Ron Hubbard" was supposedly wandering the southern California deserts like Moses with his tribe. And, like "SU," those designations were never accurately or officially defined for the hoi polloi ANYWHERE that I can find. So while they are fine details, just as in the case of carpet fibers and human hairs in forensics, it's some of these tiny, "inconsequential" details--which are expected or hoped to be missed or overlooked--that sometimes lead to the damnedest things you can imagine. Luckily there is an ever-growing herd of elves (elves do go in "herds," don't they?) getting just fucking ~microscopic~ on these crooks who created this whole mess. (Say no more.

So here is what the microscope is revealing so far regarding "WHQ" and

It's the Anne Rosenblum "Declaration" that states that "WHQ" stood for
"Western Headquarters" and meant La Quinta. In the circulating copy of
her "Declaration," though, that definition of "WHQ" is set off in
brackets and has a question mark after it. It's what I was relying on
when I made the speculation about what the other designation, "SHQ,"
might have stood for.

Then a more "popular" definition for "WHQ" and "SHQ" was found pervading
the available literature, and that's what led down the following path:

Other than second- or third-hand "sources" like Russell Miller or Zegel
or Atack, the only on-location (pun intended--you'll have to wait for
it) source that's been found so far for a definition of "WHQ" and "SHQ"
is--and I hate to tell you this--Kima Douglas.

If ANYBODY should know, SHE should know, because she was the CO of the
"HU" (Commanding Officer, Household Unit)--which, BTW, meant that she
was working DIRECTLY with the LRH Pers Comm, who was Ken Urquhart up
until sometime in 1978.

Kima Douglas was also, purportedly, "L. Ron Hubbard's" own private Nurse
Ratched, and claims to have been with "L. Ron Hubbard" as his nurse and
medical consultant almost continuously from at least early 1974 until
late January of 1980 when she suddenly left the scene--one month before
"L. Ron Hubbard" disappeared forever.

(This makes Kima Douglas the #1 material witness to whether or not there
actually was an alive "L. Ron Hubbard" that entire time. I feel very
certain that girl has star quality, and that she is going to be a bigger
star in her lifetime than she has already become. I mean, BIG! I hope
she has somebody really good representing her.)

So what Kima claims--or at the very least strongly implies (sigh)--is
that "WHQ" stood for "Winter Headquarters, and referred to La Quinta,
while "SHQ" stood for "Summer Headquarters," and referred to Gilman Hot
Springs. She seems to be the primary source for this popularized belief,
the poisoned well this idea running through the literature sprung from.

I wouldn't want to be accused of misappropriating what she says, so here
it is in her own writ. First I'll give you her reference to "winter HQ,"
which comes around the end of February to beginning of March 1979, at a
time when the ONLY desert property PURPORTEDLY owned is the set of
property loosely referred to as "La Quinta," which is where Kima Douglas
and "L. Ron Hubbard" are purportedly living at the time. It's
interesting that in the same breath that she mentions "winter HQ," the
property that she MENTIONS is the Gilman property--another method of
spinning you around three times--but keep in mind that the property she

    1 c. March 1979
    "The Orange County franchise [Ray Kemp's franchise] started
    a war with the church. We saw people with cameras around
    the winter HQ [they are at La Quinta at the time] taking
    pictures. He ["L. Ron Hubbard"] told me to go and find
    another property. ...I found a bankrupt property at Gilman
    [Gilman Hot Springs], went to court and bid on it and
    bought it for $1.7m."
    Source: Kima Douglas Interview, Oakland, California, 27
    August 1986

Okay, so she doesn't SPECIFICALLY use the term "WHQ," but she refers to
"the winter HQ"--that being where they were, which was at La Quinta. And
in the same breath, she says that this incident with the Ray Kemp/Orange
County people was the IMPETUS for the purchase of the Gilman property.
You with me so far? Are you already beginning to get a hint of what our
slight problem is going to be with this "winter HQ" definition?

Here it must be mentioned that La Quinta, when it was purchased sometime
around August-September 1976, comprised AT LEAST THREE separate
residences. Kima claims:

    1 October 1976
    "On the move to La Quinta, he ["L. Ron Hubbard"] drove
    himself, with the trucks carrying the boxes travelling at
    different times and routes, not to draw attention. Rifle
    was his house, Olive Tree Ranch was the comm centre where
    messengers lived, and the Palms was where the rest of us
    Source: Kima Douglas Interview, Oakland, California, 27
    August 1986

So that's what we know about "WHQ"--which ~supposedly~ meant "Winter
Headquarters," and ~supposedly~ meant the property near La Quinta,
California--which is a TOWN, ~not~ the name of the properties involved.
And I want to emphasize those THREE SEPARATE living accommodations
associated with La Quinta, California:

    1) "Rifle"--separate house and property for "L. Ron Hubbard"
    2) "Olive Tree Ranch"--separate house and property for "the comm
       centre" and "messengers"
    3) "The Palms"--separate residence and property for "the rest"

Now for "SHQ":

In this next quote, Kima Douglas refers specifically to "his house at
Gilman"--meaning "L. Ron Hubbard's" particular house--as "summer HQ,"
but then hedges (THERE'S a fucking surprise), reversing herself (THERE'S
a fucking surprise), and saying that the GENERAL property near Gilman,
California was "SHQ." (Again, as with "La Quinta," Gilman is a TOWN, not
a specific property--one more way of keeping things nice and general and
unspecific regarding PROPERTIES.) In any case, she's ~implying~ that
"SHQ" stood for "Summer Headquarters" (I'm not assigning a date to this
following entry for the moment because it's general in nature, but it
HAS to be post-April 1979 for reasons covered elsewhere in this post and
in other posts):

    "I arranged meetings with Mary Sue basically for their
    birthdays and the children's birthdays and Labor Day. The
    meetings were at his ["L. Ron Hubbard's"] house at Gilman
    [which has been variously referred to by several sources as
    "Bonneyview" or "Bonnie View"]. Mary Sue would arrive at
    the hotel at Riverside. I would pick her up and take her by
    a roundabout route to the summer HQ. ...They always met at
    Gilman, which was SHQ for us."
    Source: Kima Douglas Interview, Oakland, California, 27
    August 1986

Okay? So, piecing it all together the best we can from her FUCKING
merry-go-round interview, it seems that the conclusion would HAVE to be
that the La Quinta, California PROPERTIES (plural) were "Winter
Headquarters" (WHQ), and the Gilman, California PROPERTIES (plural) were
"Summer Headquarters" (SHQ). Right? So:

    WHQ = La Quinta properties (maybe the "WHQ" designation meant just
          "Rifle"--which reportedly was the separate "Hubbard" house at
          La Quinta, OR, the La Quinta properties as a whole, and it's
          left specifically unclear)
    SHQ = Gilman properties (maybe just "Bonneyview" or "Bonnie
          View"--which reportedly was the "Hubbard" house at Gilman, OR
          the Gilman properties as a whole, and it's left specifically

There, that's all nice and tidy, isn't it? That seems to work, doesn't
it? That ought to make your average a.r.s. "critic" shrug and walk away
rattling the gourds, right?

Well, I wouldn't want to imply that I'd rather find a black widow
crawling on my balls than learn that Kima Douglas was in the same zip
code where I was, or to imply that she is a completely unprincipled,
unabashed, shameless murderous lying cunt, but...

There's a little ~FUCKING~ problem. In fact, there are SEVERAL little
~FUCKING~ problems.

Here's just ONE of them, ALSO from Kima Douglas:

    1 c. March 1979
    "When Kemp's franchise [the Orange County franchise] had
    their war with the GO and their people were sneaking around
    taking photographs. They were trying to photograph LRH.
    ...He had seen people snooping round while he was out for a
    walk with a messenger and came back and said, 'We're
    getting out now.' It was about 9 in the evening when he
    left. ...We had a big white truck with a bed in the back.
    Michael was driving, LRH was in the back with me in the
    front. Over the mountains, up hairpins, very fast. He's in
    the back saying, 'We've got to go faster, got to get out of
    here! I'm going to be sick!' We slept in a motel in the
    mountains that night. The next day we went down to Hemet
    lake and found a really seedy motel down there on the lake.
    We stayed there for a month. In the meantime I was scouring
    for a place where we could go in Hemet."
    Source: Kima Douglas Interview, Oakland, California, 27
    August 1986

Now, let's see if I can add this all up right: people from the Orange
County/Ray Kemp franchise are seen sneaking around taking pictures at La
Quinta one day, they are seen by "L. Ron Hubbard" who is out on a
constitutional with a messenger, he freaks OUT, orders Kima Douglas to
go find another property, she goes and drives around the FUCKING vast
expanses of the southern California deserts and somehow stumbles onto
"the" Gilman property, then goes to COURT and bids on "the" Gilman
property, buys "it" for $1.7 million, does all the paperwork, and then
they are out of there by 9:00 that night with "L. Ron Hubbard" screaming
"We've got to go faster!"

 Where the Hell was Starkey 2?
This is our holy federal government at work. Pretty, isn't it?

Actually, Starkey waited about a month after Gamboa to do his little
resignation act, apparently:

    15 c. January 1981
    "In early 1981, I terminated my employment with the
    California Church and began to work directly for Mr.
    Source: 23 March 1985 Declaration of Norman F. Starkey in
    FCDC v. Director FBI et. al., United States District Court
    for the District of Columbia; Civil Action No. 78-0107

That's typical, though: same M.O. These slimy fucks who were in bed with
the Lenskes and Karno always carefully built in what they thought would
be an adequate amount of time between their little coordinated actions
to help cover their tracks. FUCK 'em. Their tracks aren't coverable.
They left their giant muddy footprints and bloody fingerprints all over
the record. We'll know what fucking brand of deodorant they used before
all this is over.

This IS going to eclipse the Manson murders and Watergate.

Well, here he is:

Second to last video at the end.

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