Friday, 27 April 2012

Scientology Corrupts Croatia.

Scientology corrupts Croatia

Anyone who can help publicize this awful news, please do.

This from a very reliable source in Croatia

Croatia. The new government wants to make 43 religious communities or religions "equal" (give them money, teaching in schools etc). Scientology is included in the package.

Any useful information about Scientology at this moment is welcome.

I found some texts about the project BULGRAVIA from 1992 when they wanted to take Albania and other Balkan countries under the control.

Do you know something more about this project? .

(Note - The Bulgravia project was partly run former Commanding Officer WISE UK Ib Nygard and was a Joint WISE INT and ABLE project, they got rumbled and alot of people got RPFed)

Ethnic Cleansing and Scientology: Freedom Magazine - Scientology.
Don't even get me started, here:

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Religious Recognition of Scientology in Europe:

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The Hungarian Spectrum:

I was a Scientologist by Peter Bonyai!execute.action?id=107330&type=22&_v=Bonyai_Peter_Szcientologus_voltam_Egy_kiugrott_csucs


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