Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Placido Domingo Jr .

Placido Domingo junior was faced with having to disconnect with his ex wife last year after she left the church of Scientology with their three children. He refused. Good for him!

As you can read in the above two links Scientology decided to have his face book friends disconnect from him( these presumably being other scientology celebrities). Of course one must never presume so when they also gave out privileged information from his confessional folders during auditing sessions, one can only presume they did so with an intent to 'fair game' him.That's what Scientologists do when one of the faithful don't obey orders, ie; refuse to disconnect.

Of course Scientologists don't do that, it's a choice, a personal choice and of course 'fair game was canceled wasn't it?It creates bad PR, L. Ron Hubbard said so, so it must be true. What he also said was "This P/L  does not cancel any policy or treatment of an SP". And it hasn't done since long before David Miscavige was wearing nappies. Any altering of the tech David Miscavige is doing is purely to hide what a nasty, mean old man L. Ron Hubbard was. Too late, we all know, those who want to look.

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