Thursday, 19 April 2012

David Miscavige Rewriting History.

Through the various propaganda magazines issued by the "church" of Scientology for the committed fold of modern Scientologists, whom are duped by some of the old time Scientologists, yes I'm looking at you Norman Starkey and other key players whom think wrecking peoples lives is a game to be played.

Here is the modern version of the start of the Sea Org in 1967:

Compare with how supposedly the Royal Scotsman looked in the  brochure above and how she really looked in 1967.

A big, big Thank You to Patti P without which this wouldn't have been possible.

Now anyone that has already seen this post might be thinking,wow, you don't know the history of the Sea Org, I do.

The magazine from which the above is taken from is called "Source" and one of the most standardly standard of things one must do when looking into anything scientological is go to Source, and Source is L. Ron Hubbard, very apt name for Flag's magazine. Flag being the land base, which took over the town of Clearwater when Hubbard gave up the Apollo.

For all the supposed OT powers and skills that these Operating Thetans in the Sea Org have, it is surprising that whom ever put the article together added a white ship, that doesn't even look like the Apollo. The story goes someone got into trouble for that minor detail.So a further copy was made, only this time,it does look like the Apollo, but it has turned white.So might you if you had been thrown out of every port you entered.

Then someone discovers the ship was black after all.What a miracle.

The first picture is from March 2004's magazine, the second from April and the third and finally correct one is May 2004.You really would think with all this promotion of miracles and technical perfection, they could get a simple detail right, like what colour the ship was in  1967. Now I can understand not having total recall of the colour of a tie, but a ship that the mighty LRH created the all important OT levels on.

No scientific evidence for these claims has ever been produced.
Once the first engram (or "basic-basic") has been erased, the individual is supposedly "Clear", free from all deficiencies, and possessed of a high IQ. After repeated challenges, Hubbard eventually put a Clear on show in August 1950, at the Shrine Auditorium, in Los Angeles. Despite Hubbard's claims that a Clear would have "a near perfect memory", the woman, a Physics major, was unable to remember a basic physics formula. She could not even recall the colour of Hubbard's tie when his back was turned.

Interesting to note that the 'she', who cannot be named in the Source magazine obviously managed to audit out all of her engrams(past life mental imagery) to the extent that 'she' paints a picture almost as imaginary as L. Ron Hubbard's own glossed over life.

 Not one mention of overboarding or ships chain lockers, people being locked in cabins, or holds or chained to railings or down in the bilges.Seems auditing must have worked.Those class XIII Auditors were really good at auditing all those memories totally out of that nasty reactive mind.

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