Monday, 30 April 2012

The Complex.

The Complex, written by John Duignan and Nicola Talent.

"U.K. law gives us no choice but to remove the title from our catalogue," Amazon said in a statement.

"I believe Tom Cruise influenced them," Duignan tells us.
Cruise's rep denies that charge.

So does Amazon spokeswoman Patty Smith, who insists it was simply Britain's tough libel laws that forced to yank "The Complex." The book, available on as of last Tuesday, is now "temporarily out of stock," according to the American Web site.

Lawyers for the complaining member, a noncelebrity, want to keep it that way: They've demanded the "destruction" of the books.
Smith says: "We definitely want to offer it to our customers. We just don't have the inventory."

Duignan, a Scientologist for 22 years, alleges in his book that members were subjected to sleep deprivation and "brain-washing" and that punishments were "meted out to anyone who transgresses, including children." When he left, Scientology's Office of Special Affairs "had people posted outside my parents' house in Ireland," he tells us.
Duignan, 45, says he began to question the church's priorities at a 2004 gala in England where Cruise was honored. "I'd been trying to change the image of the church by volunteering in disadvantaged communities," he tells us. But the "party was of such unbelievable opulence, I began to see the church was all about money.

"I directly know 20 members who went insane or committed suicide," Duignan says. "I personally went through a period of insanity. I'm hoping this book can be a lifeline to my former comrades."

Glad to see it's back up even if there is only 1 copy.

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