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Britain's Got Talent.

Britain's Got Talent! One of Britain's top entertainment shows, is tonight featuring none other than The Jive Aces. Scientology's very own Sea Organization jive band. This band is one I encountered in Hastings Memorial with a stall with their 'Say No to Drugs' campaign, which is a front group for Narconon.

The Jive Aces travel all over Britain and Europe and the States with their 'Say No to Drugs' campaign which on the face of sounds good, right! Wrong!

Scientology's sugar coated band belong to the Sea Organization, Scientology's totalitarian arm of Scientology, whose Head Quarters are based at St. Hill Manor, East. Grinstead in England and in Clearwater, Florida in the USA.

I spoke to one of the members of the band today, they think it is really great that they have gotten onto this televised program.Whether knowingly or not, these people promote and support this:

These children grow up into baton wielding Officers in the Sea Org and the Jive Aces job is to go around promoting Scientology, remember it is all done on a gradient.And children don't know what's hit them until it is too late.

I spoke to one of the members of the Jive Aces a couple of years ago when I saw them in Hastings, I told him who I was and did he know David Miscavige beats his staff. He could not believe that.But there are many testimonies to that fact. Whose fooling who?

Watch this video of Scientology at St. Hill, East Grinstead in the early days to see how these people do not realise how they are brainwashed.

ITV's Britain's Got Talent can be telephoned on this number 0844 88 14150, though I believe this number is only available weekdays Mon - Fri 9 - 5:30. alternatively they can be e-mailed @ this address: Anyone care to contact them, especially those living in Britain. Much appreciated.

Let's play on the heart strings of people whom have found Scientology at a vulnerable time in their life and then let's go one step further and advertise it in the British press, giving the British public the impression that Scientology really helps people. Give me a break, total poppycock!

I prey people are not taken in by this hype.

Here's the Jive Aces in Las Vegas last month:
at the Vintage Vegas Variety Rockerbilly Weekend.

Up Date:
The kids stole the show, no way can the Jive Aces compete with these kids.

And watch the young dance troupes and the lovely voice of Molly.

Update on the Jive Aces:
They have made an Olympic bid to be part of the opening festivities:
Along with the Swing Patrol, a dance troupe.

The ending lyrics ; Tomorrow, when the world is free...still trying to clear the planet.

Jean Baptiste Trendy used to be a band member with the Jive Aces, he now has a  blogspot:

JB Trendy is a declared SP, by the "church" of Scientology.

The Jive Aces are sea org members:

Originally Posted by Lulu Belle
They aren't actually Sea Org, are they?

Reply from John Anchovie:
I might try to fill out some of the background to these guys. It may or may not be of any use, but since I know it first hand, I may as well share it.

The Jives Joined the SO at CLO UK in 1994 or so from London Org on Tottenham Court Road. I think Ian or John was recruited first as a public on the HDA.

They joined the Sea Org that same year on the condition that they could remain as a functioning band within Div 6 to promote, recruit and forward the cult's regressive efforts to bring down civilization.

They impressed Miscavige and Cruise at some event, maybe in 1997, I am a bit vague as to precisely when that happed. They were involved in the recruitment of a couple of fairly important celebs (I was not given the names, but we were briefed) I did a lot of work with them over the years on artwork, printing, logistics and helped them miss a plane once!

They were a nice bunch of fun, happy, lively guys back in the first half of the 1990s, they giged in UK and Europe supporting the big crusades and doing events. They eventually were taken up lines and made into robots - sorry, warrant officers.

They went through a tortuous six months on the int clearance lines in either 1999 or 2000, I was with them in LA while that was going on. Watching it was a bit like seeing people's personalities dismantled and then reassembled with new parts, kind of scary to observe I must say. Ian's wife (the Jive Ace PR, booking agent and backing singer) could not believe what she was experiencing on this lines and blew. Smart woman. (Rumor has it that she was pregnant and resisted efforts to persuade her to get an abortion, I buy into that having known her and seeing her worsening state of mind while these clearances were ongoing) The others were not so fortunate.

Once they got clearances, they went to Hemet and for a good six months worked with DM, DM's old man, who is or was a jazz trumpet player, and the Golden Era Musicians. They recorded an album with Chick Corea at Mad Hatter Studios and came back to UK as a bunch of arrogant, stuck up pigs. We of the lower ranks had become scum.

They have a fairly complicated admin scale, strat plan and the like all signed off by DM and so really operate as their own little org despite operating out of CLO UK. They make their own income from gigs and album sales and pay berthing, food and other support costs to CLO Estates Financial Planning.

No one below RTC level is allowed to mess with the band, they are never sent on missions unless it is part of their very own or an IMPR/CC int linked celeb recruitment program. Everything that they do is tightly focused to recruit for, disseminate for and PR front for Scientology.

It is a bit of a PR coup to have gotten on BGT, it will act as a huge moral boost to the last remnants of kool aide drinking culties in the UK, and it forwards their PR strategic Plan to rebuild the cult's reputation in the UK. I sense that they must have had some fairly influential back up to get onto the show.

I don't know if Simon Cowel has met them before, but I will say that the Jives are very aggressive and single minded about getting their products. (I touched on this in 'The Complex' with regard to their efforts to re-recruit Van Morrison into the fold back in the late 1990's).

Be good idea to keep an eye on these fellows.

The Jive Arses on Telly:

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