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L. Ron Hubbard was Violent to His Staff too.

Over the last few years there has been a long tirade of people coming out of Scientology with stories of the beatings they had from David Miscavige,from Marc Headley and Jefferson Hawkins to Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder.

What is little talked about is how L. Ron Hubbard hit people too.It came to my attention a few days ago when someone said to me  "everyone knows about the chain lockerings and overboards by now, what else is there to know." Well, as If that Isn't enough there are affidavits of old Sea Org members who were hit by L. Ron Hubbard. I have found two in two days.

This one apparently didn't reach it's mark, but the intent was there.

Joe van Staden, Captain at the time till he was fired, in Birth of the Sea Org.

The time I got fired in Corfu went something like this. One of the commodore’s messengers came up to me and informed me that the commodore wanted to see me. At that point I had no reason to suspect that anything was wrong, but as I approached his office and noticed some of his aides including Mary Sue avoiding eye contact with me and making haste to vacate the area I knew – here it comes. Before I even entered his office there he was in my face screaming at me for making a dog’s breakfast of the ship. Then he took a swing at me, I ducked and felt the swoosh of air over my head as he missed the target. For a second there I thought he was going to go down as he lost his balance. Next he screamed at me telling me to go fix up my mess. I only found out what he was talking about once I got out on deck and one of the messengers informed me.

Here is the thing; the Apollo spent most of her life up north in very damp conditions. Since she entered the Med the timber deck above the commodore’s office began to dry out. As a consequence it resulted in some leaking into LRH’s office leaving visible rust streaks down the bulkheads. The short of it is I was fired as captain, once again, and put on the deck force to fix up “my mess”.

Otto Roos was another that was there at the beginning and for all his;
Having myself as a child experienced and survived the atrocities of
war, when many of my friends hadn't, I swore I wasn't going down into
these tanks.  Rusty old tanks, way below in the ship, filthy bilge
water, no air except via oxygen tubes, and hardly sitting height, in
which "sinners" were put from 24 hours to a week, day and night, to
hammer rust off the insides with Masters at Arms checking outside to
hear if the hammering continued and occasional food out of a bucket.
This was like the Concentration Camps from my childhood days.

He was attacked by L. Ron hubbard,physically. Sad to say,he wouldn't have stood for;
I would also have refused the "crows nest" 4 hours on and off
stint, meaning spending 4 hours in the nest and 4 hours on deck
alternating for some 84 hours.  The nest, a little bucket in the top of
the mast, too small to sit or lie in, gets cold at night.  One of our
"SP's" (Joke O'Keefe) had a fear of heights and had to be virtually
winched up there and down again every 4 hours.

But he did put up with:
Our lives were completely mapped out, 24 hours a day.  PERSONAL
lives exactly prescribed, especially 2D ((2nd Dynamic, family, mates,
sex, children etc.))
     Full grown people were completely BEING lived.
     The day started with the 'Musters', sing songing KSW ((Policy
letter called Keeping Scientology Working)), followed by a 'mantra' of
'LRH', 'LRH', 'LRH', after which work, work, work, for little or no pay,
study for some, or even more amends work for low ((ethics)) conditions
     LRH gave many 'reasons' for the above, which I ended believing in,
as I ended believing in the 'Enemy', swore to stay out of it and did.
 And was physically hit,kicked,screamed and shouted at.

There is also the rule that no pc gets to see his own folders.
     He had an attack in March/April, was in MO care and some weeks
later, per David Meyers latest D/P interview was starting to recover.
((Directors of Processing interview pcs to see how they are doing and to
get initial data for the C/S to start or continue programming the
     One day, when all the XII's were on leave, except myself, he sent a
Messenger down, stating he wanted the folders.  After refusal by myself
(C/S hat) he became 'Commodore' and ORDERED the folders up, sending some
hefty guys down to just get them (a cabinet FILE full!).
     They were just TAKEN, and that was that.
     A few days later I was called up to his office and upon entry was
hit, kicked, screamed and shouted at.  (Even the Aides were not in
sight, they were hiding as he was really mad!)
     He just blew his stack on finding the references to 'discreditable'
reads and the contents of some of the personal folders.

The whole thing is worth a read:

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