Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Return To Freedom.

L. Ron Hubbard for Real: Personal Stories.

Beethoven wrote beautiful timeless music, but by all reports was a vile man.  Hubbard wrote a certain kind of music too, but what was he really like?  Was he a savior, a genius, or a greedy schemer; was he a good or a bad man?  You have to decide who the man was for yourself.  To answer that will take a lot of personal research and study on your part.  All I have provided here is a few snapshots or glimpses of what it was like to be around him in person.  These are true stories and shed an authentic light.  Hubbard, the man, was very complex; he was charismatic, beguiling, smart, funny, very talented, angry, vengeful, mystical, and mysterious.  He was a lot different than what is printed by Scientology and also what was recently published by independent Scientology blog writers who didn’t know him personally.

Some of my readers asked me to write down remembrances of L. Ron Hubbard.  I didn’t want to be the lone contributor, so I surveyed some of my ex-shipmates from the Apollo for stories.  I told them to write anything about him; good, bad, or ugly.  Only one of them wrote something.  I think that their silence is the first story here and a very important one at that.  Most of the people I wrote to left in the1980’s and perhaps they simply want it all to be behind them.  Some others may have other reasons for them not wanting to share.  However, they contributed on other surveys for other posts, but for this one did not write back.  I found the silence a compelling story, and story number one.


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