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Writers of the Future and Writers of the Past.

Today, the L. Ron Hubbard's Achievement award ceremony is celebrating it's 28th year of the "Writer's of the Future"contest and it's companion "Illustrators of the Future" contest. This really is the Test of a Con.And what better person to present this to you than, you've guessed it L. Ron Hubbard, regardless of the fact that he's been dead for quite some time now. But credit, where it is due.I am sure LRH is looking down from Target 2, where apparently he is still conducting his research into all things Scientological and with bated breath can't wait to see the live video of the future writers of Science fiction and the poor duped children that win illustrators contests.

So what of the writers of the past, L. Ron Hubbard certainly wrote a lot of science fiction and focusing on ology's, and ism's, wars and totalitarian regime's, the occult and the use of drugs he concocted a lethal dose of his own utopia.He plagiarized from many other authors and using vast amounts of documents and writings, books and journals formulated Scientology.

I came across something yesterday that piqued my interest from these writers of the past. For those of you that may be reading for the first time, you may not know that my Father thinks he's James Bond, 007, this stems from his time in Scientology, up close and personal with L. Ron Hubbard. I've always been very alarmed by this and have sought to find an answer to this ridiculous implanted idea in my Dad's head.My Father was beached in Denmark in March of 1969, put in a condition of Treason and declared a Suppressive Person.And if ever you think what a crazy idea that is, to this day he still thinks he's James Bond, and yes, it is crazy and that is why Scientology is dangerous.

This came to mind, yet again because of all this talk of SMERSH.

April 13: SMERSH is just about toast.
GOOD NEWS Indications are that we will have won the war with Smersh in a year or two.
They have lost further "prominent leaders".
We have directly traced and documented their origin to East Germany and have found the crimes they sought to hide.
Lesser lights in their ranks are turning to us for guidance.
Their network is collapsing under the various stresses to which they have been subjected.
They may fight more skirmishes through men they control in govts but it is obvious that we will win the war.
Those who recall the infamous effort to hit us in ports by spreading tales of "dope traffic" and "mystery ship" will be interested to know that the instigator, Jack Lundin, has turned up (or been turned up to be more factual) at WW shaking with terror. He has told all and has promised to be good hereafter.
The instigator and paymaster was a "George Anderson", a British Consul in the major city of this country. More recently British Consuls have explained they have nothing against us. They and American Consuls are pleading innocent.
Our standard tactic of killing rumors with truth documented (called the "dead agent routine" because when they find the rumor monger is lying they kill him) worked very well at the time.
Now here's a rumor monger scared spotless and damning his former employers.
The moral is, the enemy is few. If we're alert, on the ball and use our PR tech right, he hasn't got a prayer.

Jack Lundin:

I came across this yesterday, I had seen it once before but had forgotten where, thanks to the powers that be, I found it once more.I'm going to quote a section that is relevant, though the whole thing deserves reading.

Checklist for Travelers.
1. Determine that traveling is the best method of approach and that it's potential worth is superior to it's potential risks. Also ensure that other approaches have been tried first, and that this is the last method

2. Ensure that the personnel chosen for the task are not PTS. Also ensure that these personnel are checked out on what to do during one of these journeys and that they are properly checked out and drilled and billed.

3. Ensure that area is thoroughly scouted out before any entry is attempted. The area should be scouted for days or weeks or however long it takes to get a feel for the place. The place should be scouted all times of the day, and especially during the time of the planned journey. Any traveling difficulties should be determined or observed during the day time observations of the area. Additionally, these observations prior to the journey should be made each time a substantial lapse in time has occurred since the last trip.Here any notable changes from the previous trips should be noted.

4. Ensure that all appropriate equipment is obtained, on hand and in good working order prior to embarkation. This includes appropriate ID, the absence of inappropriate ID,flashlights with good batteries, signaling devices in case of emergencies with good workable batteries, gloves for bad weather and other equipment as needed.

5.Ensure that any transportation equipment is firstly not reflective in any way of *MOTHER*. Also x xxxxxxx ensure that this equipment is not faulty in any way which would be recognized by any bystanders either visually or sonically.

 6.Determine the most advantageous position to have the second person located, ensuring if possible that the transport is parked with easy viewing yet it is as far away as is practical. If a Rover is more practical determine this and the frequency of roving aswell as the pick up schedule..

7.Ensure that escape routes, meeting places,+ schedules and procedures are known by each traveler. Also ensure that each person is drilled and bullbaited on travel stories and knows his coldly.

8.Ensure that appearance changes are on hand to thwart off any undesirable locals.

9.Conduct last minute search of the area immediately prior to the journey to ensure that nothing has changed from what has been observed on prior occasions.

10.Check personal indicators about doing the job. If indicators are good, start traveling, if not abort journey and stay home.

end page.

5.Ensure that any transportation equipment is firstly not reflective in any way of *MOTHER*. Also x xxxxxxx ensure that this equipment is not faulty in any way which would be recognized by any bystanders either visually or sonically.

This scribed document is from the court cases in the late 70s/80s of the Guardians Office which infiltrated Government offices world wide.
 With regards to Smersh, James Bond, Mother and Scientology, look at these links and tell me Scientology's Sea Org and The Guardians Office wasn't run in the style of Ian Flemmings novels about James Bond, 007 and SMERSH. It boggles the mind!

Ian Fleming based much of M's character  on Rear Admiral John Godfrey, Director of Naval Intelligence of the Royal Navy.

There is reason for thinking that a more telling lead to the real identity of M lies in the fact that as a boy Fleming often called his mother M. ... While Fleming was young, his mother was certainly one of the few people he was frightened of, and her sternness toward him, her unexplained demands, and her remorseless insistence on success find a curious and constant echo in the way M handles that hard-ridden, hard-killing agent, 007.
John Pearson, The Life of Ian Fleming

Scientology's Secret Service. 

Notes on SMERSH: 

December 8: We found quite a few nice items to excerpt this week, and right off the bat we get a doozy...
PROGRESS We are continuing to make progress against the enemy who has shot at us and the planet for 18 years.
The code name he now has is "SMERSH" (from 007 fame) and his branch offices are "Black Hats."
He is oddly enough on both sides of existing political parties except in SA where he is mainly UP.
This was a hidden government. It aspired to world domination! If you can imagine a psychiatrist in such a role. He meant to eradicate all boundaries and constitutions and put himself in beside each general and public figure and "treat" them each week. Wonder what it would be like to be governed by shock cases.
Red as paint, he was really having a ball.
We were in his road. Because we were fully effective. We undid his implants. A real psychotherapy had come along. This was not part of his plans. He shot at Scn to discredit it. Because it was effective.
It would be a public service just to get them off the world's back.
Recently a check showed that we had never seen or heard of an "insane" person who had not been in their hands. And the question arises, is there any insanity at all? That is not manufactured by them?
One's first impulse on reading their literature (which is all about world conquest and not about cases as you'd think) is to laugh. Then one realizes they've really got people thinking that way.
So it is quite obvious that western governments are fantastically weak and very unaware. They cannot or will not protect their people or their institutions.
Thus, only one course is left open. To get rid of SMERSH and their thousands of kills weekly.
Oddly enough, we're doing just that.
The one BIG mistake they made was to attack Scientologists. Which they did from hiding for 18 long years.
It set us back, kept our field upset, our staffs enturbulated. But it also made us get tough and grow strong. 
SMERSH was the hidden government. Long may it fail.

Especially illuminating is the course checksheet for the "Information Full Hat," the course used to train G.O. agents. Included on this course are the following:
To read a book on brainwashing;
To be able to define the following words: Spy; Spying; Agent; Operative; Information; Intelligence; Espionage; Counter espionage; Counter intelligence; Fascism; Socialism; Communism; CIA; FBI; MI6; MI5; KGB; GRU.
To write an essay on: What could happen if Intelligence was not anonymous or elusive;
To read the following policy letters written by Hubbard:
"Terror Stalks"
"Communism and Scientology"
"The War"
"PDH" (Pain, Drugs, Hypnosis)
"The Art of Building a Cover"
"Covert Operations I"
"Covert Operations II"
"Black PR"
"Secret, Notes on SMERSH"
Other books read on the course include: The Spy and His Master; KGB; CIA and the Cult of Intelligence; Psychological Warfare Against Nazi Germany; and The Art of War, by Sun Tzu.

But of course, David Miscavige changed all of that, yeah right. 

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