Monday, 21 May 2012

European Critical Scientology Websites.

As advertised on the recent German documentary on Scientology's OSA:

Ingo Heineman

Wilfreid Handl

While we are at it let's meet Nono the French clown who has been known to protest against Scientology, in an unprovoked attack he was hit by scientologist's and ended up in hospital. You can see him at the beginning of the film about OSA, the man with the bloody nose and in a stretcher.Here he is in happier times:

Scientology Protest in Paris with Nono:

Nono still protesting after the attack, with a plaster on his nose and a neck brace:

When Scientologist's Attack:

Picture of Nono after he was attacked and in hospital:

A man after my own heart, he does not want to see children caught up in this dreadful cult.

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