Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Big Questions: Cult or Religion?

Is there a difference between a cult and a religion?

BBC1 at 10:00 am today.

Duration: 1 hour
Nicky Campbell asks: is there a difference between a religion and a cult?
Nicky's guests include Cristina Odone, journalist on The Telegraph; Rabbi Yitchak Schochet from Mill Hill Synagogue; and Cole Moreton, author of Is God Still an Englishman: How We Lost our Faith (But Found New Soul).

Contributors also include Francesca Stavrakopoulou, professor of ancient religion at Exeter University; Dr George Chryssides from Birmingham University; Simon Cooper from the Unification Church; and Glenn Carter, President of the UK Raelian Movement.
Also joining in the discussion, Livingstone Fagan, Branch Davidian survivor of the Waco siege; Yoel Ben David from Jews for Jesus; and Ian Haworth from the Cult Information Centre; as well as Juliana Buhring, who was brought up in The Children of God and is now a director of Safe Passage Foundation; and Barbara Weed, who has not seen her son since he became involved in an internet group four years ago.

Other guests taking part are Jon Atack, author of A Piece of Blue Sky, and Rod and Linda Dubrow-Marshall from the International Cultic Studies Association.

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