Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Anonymous Today!

This is video by Tory on Scientology New Scams and Anonymous Today posted July 2011.
Worth noting re Anonymous:

I came across this a few days ago and thought it might be of interest to some, try as I might I don't understand all the jargon, but then I never did.


Like Tory, I want to express that my association with Anonymous has been positive,and those I have made friends with are not the criminals Scientology portrays them as.


Some of my friends have received "cease and desist letters"by the "Church" of Scientology.I can't find the original but here is the text:

Hodkin & Company
Solicitors & Notary Public
26th Oct 2010.


Re: Anonymous.

We are instructed by volunteers working at the church of Scientology.

As you may be aware, our clients are currently the target of a campaign of harassment by a group organized on the internet calling themselves "Anonymous".

In the past two years our clients have been subjected to hundreds of abusive, threatening and nuisance telephone calls, thousands of obscene and hoax e-mails and letters, and several menacing gatherings of masked individuals outside of their church.

Some of these individuals have committed aggravated trespass. A number of our clients have also had their privacy violated by their pictures being posted on the internet and youtube.

If you are involved in any of the unlawful aspects of this campaign we require you desist immediately. We reserve our clients rights generally.

Yours Faithfully

Peter Hodkin banning books:

Peter Hodkin, Security Guard:

In an attempt to break up the demonstration, Scientology took Odhran's parents to London to meet Odhran. They thought they would meet him and talk with him, but they were only permitted to see him closely guarded by the Scientologist solicitor Peter Hodkin.

They were allowed a short meeting with him in a public toilet on the third floor of the High Court building in London. By this time, he had changed dramatically and was abusive of his parents who were extremely distressed, the meeting lasted only ten minutes before he was swiftly escorted away. As Odhran had been so mentally and physically ill after his previous time with Scientology, they were desperately worried for his mental health. Seeing such personality changes confirmed their worst fears. Those with a knowledge of Scientology, strongly suspect that he had been subjected to many hours of security checking, auditing and Training Routines, to get him back into a cult persona.


Peter Hodkin, Chairman of Trustees of Greenfields School, a school run on the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard:

Peter Hodkin & Anonymous, also starring Janet Lavoux OSA UK(Office of Special Affairs), and a nice Policeman:

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