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Ursula Caberta - The Village Voice.

Ursula Caberta on Scientology "You have to be always watching them."

From PauletteC in the comments section:
Re Ursula's comment that "you have to always be watching them..." add to that "and they will always be watching you."  When I first considered settling and ending the "fight," one of my knowledgeable friends warned me that even if I tried to move on, "accept the fact that they will always have somebody that you know and trust checking in on what you know and what you are doing..."  I recently found out who that person is, am more cautious with them, and finally free!  For this week.

From RadioPaul1:
At the end of the UK video:
Church of Scientology Religious Education Collage Inc, a non-profit association Incorporated with limited liability in South Australia (OCBA Reg #A5172) Registered in England (Companies House # ?R011185) UK Registered Agent: Peter D. Hodkin, 42/44 Copthorne Road, Felbridge, East Grinsteed, West Sussex, RH192NS.
From Denise Brennan:
The first time I met Ursula Caberta was in September 2007. I spent four days with her, two at her office in Hamburg and two when she took me on a trip to Berlin. She had never met me before that yet welcomed me with open arms to come and see first hand what her office was doing about organized scientology.
The four days were a whirlwind of activity including speaking with hundreds of Lutheran teachers, a major public gathering in Berlin, many press interviews, many calls for information, etc.

Ursula was not only passionate about what she was doing but she also was one of the most compassionate people I have ever met as she worked each day to help people.
Of all that activity, two things stuck out as great examples of how "evil" Ursula was:

1) One day Ursula cancelled a major press interview to meet with a crying young woman with a little baby. The woman was out on the streets with no home, no money and no way to feed or cloth or protect her baby.

It turned out that she and the baby were put out on the street by organized scientology in Hamburg for the horrible crime that she no longer wanted to be a scientologist. The baby's FATHER, who was an executive at the Hamburg "church" of scientology had disconnected from her and his CHILD "for the greatest good"!

My God but it was heartbreaking. It was incomprehensible to me that a father could abandon the mother of his newborn child much more his BABY to live on the streets or die!!!!!

The "evil" Ursula Caberta took this woman in an got her clothing and food for the baby. Ursula arranged government money for the mother and a place to stay for her and her baby. Clearly she saved their lives with her compassion.

2) One of the days in Berlin Ursula spoke at a major public meeting in a packed movie theater near the Berlin "church". In part, she spoke of the children abused and otherwise hurt by scientology and the families destroyed. Part of this included reading out loud from a standard children's sec check form including all sorts of depraved sexual things asked of a child.

The public would gasp in shock and horror at so many of the questions and then later at some of the things that had been done to children in scientology.

These two things were just examples of what Ursula was doing every day simply trying to help people abused and hurt by scientology.

And that is Ursula and that is what scientology opposed and considered "a pain".

I greatly admire Ursula and her loving heart and all she had done to help those people abandoned by scientology in their pursuit of worldly gain.

God bless you Ursula!

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