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Blind Faith.

So, we are all concentrating on Britain's Got talent and the Jive Aces,whilst researching this yellow suited product of Scientology I was horrified to learn they were part of the BBCs Children in Need in 2006. This is where Scientology is at it's most dangerous. Insidiously promoting itself as a giver of charity.Charity begins at home, or so the saying goes, so why is a band straight out of the Sea Organization promoting itself as a charity giver latching on to Children in Need.This is so insidiously sick, it makes my head spin.


/07/cin_duxford_event_evening_feature.shtml http://www.gigaroundproductions.co.uk/Rock-n-Roll/The-Jive-Aces


Endorsed by the Executive Editor of the BBC:
So you can book with confidence?

Confidence in what? That the Jive Aces will do their own special brand of "clearing the planet", one child at a time, endorsed by the BBC?


Were the BBC aware at that time that the Jive Aces were Sea Org, or even Scientologists?


This would not be the first time, nor the last that Scientology has used "endorsements" from high profile public figures.


I wonder, does the local Hop Farm know what the Sea Org is, or any of these promotions of The Jive Aces?







Scientology's insidious boogie-woogie

Monday, September 12, 2011

Le boogie-woogie insidieux de la scientologiees


Bar-sur-Aube. One of the big names at this year's JAZZABAR festival in Bar-sur-Aube is the Jive Aces, an English group who proclaim their adherence to Scientology. A disturbing connection.

On stage during the Jive Aces concert last Friday evening, singer Ian Clarkson did not say, "We are the Jive Aces and we are all Scientologists," but he did say this in a video posted on the Internet at wwwscientologiefr. In France, according to the Interministerial Mission for Combat against Sectarian Abuses (MIVILUDES), Scientology is considered a cult.

However, this is not how the band was labeled at the "Jazz à Bar" festival, where it was billed as "the number 1 jive and swing band in the United Kingdom". At the end of their very rhythmic concert, everyone was unanimous: what enthusiasm, what energy! It's true that their music — boogie-woogie and related genres — is, to say the least, rousing. But they hit a sour note when the audience left the concert hall a little before 1 A.M.

A card was handed out to every spectator, both adults and children. On the front was a photo of the lead singer with his ukulele and an advertisement for the band's hit "Bring Me Sunshine". In the middle of the concert, a French woman who is a friend of the band and lives in Paris climbed up on stage to explain that the video had already been viewed 1.3 million times on YouTube, that everyone must see it, and that it is one of the top ten in the United States. "Bring Me Sunshine" is certainly a very interesting invitation, given the gloomy news we hear daily. In fact, the bad news reports serve as background in the video to better inspire positive thinking.


On the back of the card, the French text is very clear and aims to answer the question: where do the Jive Aces get their energy? "The Jive Aces attribute this to the workable solutions found in the book Dianetics by philosopher L. Ron Hubbard. Lead singer Ian Clarkson said, 'After having read and applied Dianetics, I can honestly say I have more energy, which helps us a lot with our projects, and I feel confident and happy. I recommend it to everyone.'" Below this, spectators are invited to check a box that says: "I would like to know more about Dianetics."

Tiny print at the bottom of the card says, in English: "Dianetics is a trademark and service mark owned by Religious Technology Centre ..." Undisguised proselytism at the exit from the concert hall ... but none on stage. Though the lyrics were in English, they did not shock the anglophones in the audience. This incident stunned and even irritated many of the spectators who took the time to read the back of the card.

"We absolutely do not approve of this!"

With their Carlos-style wardrobe and their Shirley and Dino look, the Jive Aces do not go unnoticed. The controversy that began in Bar-sur-Aube is an embarrassment not only to spectators, but to the organizers, who feel they find themselves confronted with a fait accompli.

"We absolutely do not approve of this!" exclaimed Jean-Pierre Chouleur yesterday. "This is a band that I discovered three years ago at the Montauban jazz festival. They had already performed at the Paris jazz clubLe Caveau de la Huchette, where my friend Dany Doriz is director. They didn't bother him with Scientology. This time, I told them outright not to do any proselytism on stage ... But when they distributed their cards at the end, we couldn't do anything. I am not a Scientologist and, furthermore, I am against any kind of cult. For us, it's the music that counts. What they did does not diminish their talent. Moreover, they are charming people ..."

Though the Jive Aces are known in England as members of the Church of Scientology, this is much less well known in France. This is only the third edition of the Jazz à Bar festival and the festival certainly did not need such a misfortune. Feeling in a sense betrayed, the organizers regret the band's clumsy gesture, which somewhat spoiled the end of a very successful evening.


 Scientologist's children are some of those children in need, they need protecting from this pseudo quackery that L. Ron Hubbard, even though long dead is still managing to push down the throats of young innocent children, because their parents are brainwashed.

 Will Fry's story:

Which brings us back to Clearwater, Florida:This non profit organization is Scientology and yet another tentacle that uses celebrities to further their cause to promote Scientology

Clearwater, Florida,an interesting choice for Scientology's founder L. Ron Hubbard to take over, but take over he did with devastating consequences for it's inhabitants. Much like East. Grinstead, in Southern England.

I met an elderly person in East Grinstead who told me, the youth of today in East. Grinstead do not know of Scientology's past history and I bet many of the youth of Clearwater, Florida don't know of the past history of Scientology either.In fact I can guarantee the vast population of the worlds youth do not know about Scientology or cults in general.Things have definitely got better since Anonymous, but still there is a large percentage of the population of the world that do not know about CULTS and their impact on the world at large.

Todays world is totally taken over with celebrity, and all that that entails, whether it be footballers, singers, dancers, writers, film makers or cults, the world is awash with celebrity this and celebrity that.

One would like to think that one could judge someone by their voice, their merits, their devotion to good, but unfortunately we live in a world of greed, empire, politics and money, did I mention greed and total devotion to a 'Blind Faith', it's for the greatest good, the greatest good of whom?

What kind of blind ignorance falls for this shit?

So while we have our attention on a few yellow coated sycophants stuck in the 1950s, we are missing the big picture, that being in America which supposedly has the Super Power of world recognition, the voice is one of Clear Waters revivals.



from mjm in the comments section of the Village Voice:

anybody heard of Juliet Simms? Apparently she's a singer who was on The Voice during one of the past two episodes and she's a second gen. Scientologist. from ESMB:

"Juliet's Mom, Natalie Simms, has been one of the Church's top
fundraisers for the IAS and SuperPower Building for the past twenty

Juliet's Dad, Jeff Simms, has earned his income by working with numerous WISE based companies since the mid 1980s.

Millions of dollars have flowed through Natalie & Jeff to the Church
with them receiving huge commissions for their registration efforts.

Natalie & Jeff finance Juliet's career and have from the get go. They are intimately involved in all aspects of her career.

I believe the family has close connections to Beck, Juliette Lewis and the Ribisi family.
Natalie and Jeff's stated purpose for Juliet is for her to become a star and to use her fame to promote Scientology.


Juliette Simms from Automatic Love Letter:

It's a man's world:

IAS - International Association of Scientologists:

Both Jeffrey and Natalie Simms are helping to pay for all those glorified buildings world wide in L. Ron Hubbard's name.


No doubt these are those crappy little stages she grew up on:

Hollywood and Scientology:

Not so Clear in Clearwater -- Scientology Takes Over a Town.
... the Church of Scientology has engaged in a public relations campaign to present itself to the citizens of Clearwater as a legitimate, law-abiding, nonprofit religious organization while actually operating ... in disregard and in violation of civil and criminal laws. The actual conduct of the Church of Scientology adopted as written corporate policy, includes the following: (1) burglary; (2) larceny; (3) infiltration; (4) smear campaigns; (5) extortion; (6) blackmail; (7) frame-ups; (8) deceptive sales and recruitment policies; (9) deceptive uses of legal releases and bonds; (10) suppression of free speech and association; (11) deviation from acceptable standards of medical practice and educational requirements; (12) use of tax-exempt funds for unlawful purposes; (13) overtly fraudulent policies designed to extract large sums of money from unwitting and uninformed individuals; (14) extortionate and/or improper use of highly personal information fraudulently procured from individuals based on false promises of confidentiality; (15) the use of unlawful and covertly harassive means to prevent individuals who have been defrauded from obtaining legal redress; (16) and the use of overtly fraudulent policies such as the "minister's mock-up" and "religious image checksheet" to present a "religious front" to the public while actually engaged in the business of unlicensed psychotherapy for the purpose of making money.
-- Final Report to the Clearwater Hearings, 1983



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