Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Truth About Drugs.

Originally posted by Radio Paul:
Re: (The Truth About Drugs)

I am still getting materials together for the Sheriff in Santa Ana as well as their council as to the concerns about promoting Scientology materials. It has been validated the the Sheriff is distributing the (The Truth About Drugs) booklet to the public. Their site does not make reference to any other Front Group but does attack a few name brand perception pshyc drugs. In fact in their main video there is a kid saying "They said Ritalin would help me focus", naturally he is not talking about a drug pusher but a doctor.

Scientology sites on the other hand make it clear that this program is their gift to the world. What I need help on is doxing the following
Direct connections from this program towards Scientology.
Ownership by Scientology.
This program making inflammatory statements towards the medical Psychiatric community.
People on the board of this program as also being involved in extremist points of view.
Any mention of a breakdown in the firewall.
If you can validate by contacting these folks if they refer you to Narconon or Criminon or if you start getting mail or emails not asked for by them.
Scrutiny of the materials for connections to Scientology.
Anything else you can think of.

I will be sending a completed report to the Sheriff's Dept once completed.

Please repost at other boards??? 
Meanwhile, Anonymous protesters and David Love celebrate the close of Narconon 'Three Rivers' in Canada. 

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