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Church of Scientology facing Back Pay Claims

Whilst I look forward with relish to see how this turns out, I do find it a little bit disconcerting to see that Mike Rinder has gone from Scientology's spokesperson to news/media spokesperson. How did that happen?Marty's in Germany buddying up with the German government and Mike's doing media. I'm sure there must be some kind of logical explanation to all of this, but as of right now, I don't get it.But then, where scientology is concerned you're not meant to are you?Forever the doubting Thomas when scientology is mentioned, I guess I will believe it when I see it.


Whilst the "church" of scientology has the gall to try and change the name of the company just two days after receiving this draft, they have the cheek to say it is unethical until the draft has been finalized.Of course they know all about what is ethical or not because L. Ron Hubbard told them "we are the most ethical people on the planet"whilst getting his followers to commit gross crimes and misconduct against not only it's followers but those that leave and those that dare to speak out about it.

Million-dollar profits

While the draft report reveals how little the church's staff have been paid, it also shines a light on how much money the church makes.

The church argues it is a religious organisation with no commercial, wholesale or retail interests.

But the Fair Work draft report shows that one of the church's Australian entities in 2009 held assets worth over $49 million and made over $17.9 million in the same year.

Of that, $11.5 million was made from spiritual counselling and religious training.

The draft report says these courses can cost tens of thousands of dollars: "Documentary evidence obtained includes provision of an 'advanced program' to assist a Scientology member 'progress up the bridge' at a cost in excess of $65,000."

Mike Rinder believes the Church of Scientology will fight the Fair Work ombudsman's findings.
"I think they will challenge it in court. I think concurrently they will probably start new corporations or companies to house the activities and see if they can't start afresh," he said.

Two days after the draft findings were given to interested parties, the Church of Scientology applied to ASIC to register a new company name.

"The suggestion that the change in registration was designed to circumvent any negative findings against the church by the Fair Work ombudsman is outrageous, wrong and defamatory," the church said on a statement released on Tuesday.

"It is quite unfair, outrageous and highly unethical for any analysis of such draft findings to take place when they are not the final decision of the regulatory authority," the church said in a separate statement about Lateline's story.


Severe Reality Adjustment:

We all want justice Dean, this charade of a "church" has gone on for far too long.

Well done Dean, Nick Xenophon and all other Australians involved and special Thanks to Sponge and Zhent who made sure we could all see this.


The Village Voice:
Religion News Blog:

I came across this on Caliwogs blog and felt it deserved mention here.
Must Read; Gullibility Revisited:
Hosted on Proffessor Dave Touretsky's site at Canagie Mellon University

Since leaving the scientology I've realized that hubbard and the scientology elite practiced and practice a kind of lying that was completely effective against me and other members I knew. Essentially, Hubbard claimed to be fighting the things he was actually trying to bring about, and claimed to be promoting the things he actually worked to destroy. It's very strange.

He claimed to be leading people to spiritual freedom, yet requiring that people adhere utterly and without deviation to standard tech in all areas of life meant that it was 'unethical' for his followers to think for themselves--spiritual slavery.
 In the early fifties he railed against authoritarian teaching methods in schools and universities, yet scientology 'study tech' as practiced reduces education to the duplication and understanding of 'source' only. It is positively vile for a scientologist to seriously challenge the validity of the tech and unthinkable to propose or try alternatives.

Hubbard said he wanted people to confront reality as it is, yet Scientology and Dianetics processing is the ultimate in introversion, mainly aimed at getting the person to see imaginary incidents and beings as ``real''.
Hubbard claimed to be achieving greater ``self-determinism'' and ability for his followers, yet Scientologists are made mentally dependent on ``the tech'' in nearly all areas of their lives, even business and the arts. Hubbard actually sought to eliminate ``self-determinism.''

Hubbard and the scientology elite claimed to be for libertarian ``laissez faire,'' letting people do as they please without too much interference, yet the cult is practically a totalitarian slave state unto itself. It's in Scientology that you find the ranks of hollow-eyed ``sea org'' slaves living in poverty with few rights, under the most unyielding control, the RPF sub-slaves shuffling around in dirty clothes denied even the right to address and associate with other Scientologists, and the comfortable, arrogant elite, strutting their rank and unquestionable power in their impeccable uniforms, instilling terror in the subserviant ranks, living genteel, priviliged lives.
Scientology claimed to be against the persecution of minorities, but the cult actually does the things it now accuses Germany of slipping toward: falsely demonizing.and persecuting members and past members as ``suppressives,'' demonizing and vilifying psychiatrists and psychologists with precisely the same propaganda methods used by the Nazis against the Jews.

Hubbard and scientology singled out the ``psychs'' as the true source of insanity and crime in the world. Yet it's Scientology that brings about introversion and insanity --as I myself and thousands of others can attest--through endless ``processing,'' in which people are little-by-little gotten to believe that Hubbard's imaginary ``minds'' and ``implants'' and hordes of interfering spirits are real.

This precisely expresses how I feel about what happens to someone drawn into scientology and written far better than I could put into words.

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