Friday, 23 September 2011

Cults in Ireland.

The following videos are a group of three about various cults mainly focusing on The Family International. Poignant for me as I met three of the family members, two of which wrote this book 'Not without my sister'.The third sister which I did not meet is being interviewed here, Julianna Goering. Scientology is talked about too, and Nicola Talent who co authored 'The Complex' with John Duigan is interviewed also.

Not Without my Sister is a horrifying expose into child pedophilia, which will have you reeling in disgust that this type of thing can be going on in our world.Like all cults The Family International are quick to point out they are not affiliated with anything  like the type of abuse that went on when it was called  'The Children of God'.As with all cults, once a cult always a cult.

There are many parallels with Scientology which are discussed in the interviews,barring the pedophilia.There are many cases of sexual abuse within scientology but it is not written into the doctrines like it is in the 'Family International', however, Scientology will and has gone out of it's way to cover up any form of sexual abuse within it's establishment as this would be termed a PR(Public Relations) flap.

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