Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Way to Happiness Reviseted.

Not to want to spoil the wonderful day for the happy couple, but When Scientology starts doing wedding events for Muslims, you seriously have to wonder what the hell is going on?
Amazing Muslim Wedding at St. Hill.
Weddings at St. Hill Manor.

The luxurious wedding for this happy couple must have cost a small fortune, to say the least, yet Scientology cannot pay their workers, because they are all religious volunteers?

One wonders what religious significance waiting at tables has for the overworked and non paid sea orgers has with regards enlightenment, you would think by now they could beam the food onto the tables from another galaxy. Oops, sorry, Ron's still too busy doing research to trivialize himself with a wedding.He's already had three of his own, sorry did I say three, I meant two, he never had a second wife.She was mysteriously erased from his mind, just like an engram.

Scientology and Islam.

Farrakhan delivers Dianetics auditing.
The above two videos beggar belief.. Scary stuff, indeed.

Here's someone with some common sense:

Who says Scientologists can't infiltrate entire towns in your county, country or the world?

Clive Wilson is Clear.No 26394

Tatjana Keenan:
St. Hill Manor Weddings Events Organizer.
Scroll down.

From weddings to Motoring clubs:

Entrance fee of £85 per couple, £25 of which goes to St. Wilfrid's Hospice.
To be continued....

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