Saturday, 17 September 2011

Scientology's Way To Happiness.

Youtube by the churchofscientology:
Moral guidance has been the domain of religion since the dawn of time. Yet throughout history—and never more so than in this 21st century materialistic world—that role has been severely undermined. War upon war, prompted by religious conflict, continues to this day. What, then, is a solution?

Instead of finding differences between ourselves—race, color and, most notably, religion—what if all could find common bonds of agreement? What if there were moral precepts that did not require that people subscribe to the beliefs of one religion or another, but which merely began from the starting point that we simply respect the beliefs of others?

Such is The Way to Happiness, a non-religious moral code based wholly on common sense and which can serve as a guide to better happiness.

Accordingly, The Way to Happiness is a moral code that can simultaneously be embraced by members of every religious faith -- Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and Scientologist.
This was uploaded by Scientology on the 29th of May 2008, most likely in an effort to counter attack Anonymous for daring to protest in such large numbers outside their orgs.Allegedly  "the way to happiness" is a non religious moral code, notice the wording of how it can be embraced by members of every religious faith, including that of the scientologist.

There are a number of things this video lacks,one of the main features that is missing is although L. Ron Hubbard may have written this, they forgot to add that on his exploits on the sea in 1968 he ordered young children to be put in the ship's chain locker,they also forgot to mention that David Miscavige the current leader beats his staff.No doubt all the little children gaily waving their "way to happiness" booklets about, wouldn't be very happy if they knew about that.

Larry Brennan on Religious Cloaking:

Until Nothing Remains:
A German film based on a true story, that of a man named Heiner von Ronn.

What if we could all find common bonds of agreement asks Scientology. Well, for one thing that requires trust and there is nothing to be trusted about Scientology or Scientologists whilst under the influence of Hubbard's writings.

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