Friday, 23 September 2011

Put it back in the box.

Today has been an odd sort of day.

I went up to Albany Road, St. Leonard's Caple Ne Ferne, the previous home of Narconon UK, or so we are expected to believe.On the way I bumped into an old friend of mine, we go back to about 1975, it was great to see them.We had a good long chat about all sorts of things. They said "where are you going", I explained and they said "are you still doing that". "are you healing", Yes I am! "Isn't it time to put it into another box".Yes it is! But, how the hell do you put something into a box and forget about it when it has squelched most of your life away, refusing doggedly to even look at it because it was a threat to your very survival. The lid on the box has been opened, I cannot put it away.This friend has seen me through some black times, so I know they will understand what I am saying.

This friend, was the closest to anyone I ever came close to revealing anything about my past,when in a library one day, I happened upon a book by L. Ron Hubbard and insisted upon taking it home, to try and give me an insight to what I had been through.The book was Dianetics and it it gave me NO inclination as to what I had been through at all. It was never spoken about again.

Back to today, after leaving my friend I headed up to Caple Ne Ferne, 2 Albany Road, St. leonards, East. Sussex. On the Pevensey Roadside, the bushes are overgrown, covering the pavement, because I am short this was not a problem, however it would be if you are taller. The entrance to Narconon had three cars present today, one had a driver inside. I walked past and up the road, shortly there after the driver came out of the entrance and lingered looking up the road at me.The pains of glass that were missing previously had escalated into a lot more missing.

My informant, had told me that the last time their informant had been there, about a month ago the Narconon establishment had closed down, but now there was a foreign language school in operation at these premises. I immediately expressed my concern about this as I know full well that Scientology is the Master of disguise. I am not fooled by this. My informant said well, there were lots of foreign students out in the garden.

Today it was deathly quiet, but there were quite a few large towels out on the washing line leading me to think of the purification rundown. Narconon still has it's website up and running for this address. And if you phone 01424 420036 you will still get a reply saying "Hello, Narconon" at half past ten at night. I just phoned, so I know.

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