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Believe what you want, they long as You are Not Harming anyone.

Affidavit of Anne Rosenblum:

pages 12/13/14:
Flag manages Scientology internationally, under LRH's direction. Hubbard's pre-occupation with science fiction and paranoia led to some bizarre occurrences.On one occasion some "plants", or spies were found in the org. The HAS(Head of Division 1, HCO) thought some students were plants( I don't remember why he thought this) and reported it to to the AG(Assistant Guardian--head of the G. O. in an org). The students started getting security checked on the E- Meter, GO style. The GO did the sec checks all night. The Executive Director and HAS "helped out" with the sec checks at times--where two or three people would be in a room, and the'd get information by asking who they worked for, and if they couldn't get a name out of them, they'd go down the alphabet, with the plant on the E-Meter, and see which letters got a reaction on the meter and put names together from that. It was just crazy.

Then the AG handed the Executive Director a gun and told him and the HAS to stand outside the room, while the GO finished the security check. They were on a deserted floor in the org. The next thing I knew, the AG had "discovered" some incredible "plot" and called in the GO people from the US head quarters.

Believe it or not, this great discovery was that there was an "implant station" located in Ohio, where dark invaders from space were implanting people and sending them into the orgs to spy. Implants are something supposedly done to people (thetans) billions and trillions of years ago, where, by the use of electronic means, evil people would attempt to control and "suppress" people and install false ideas in them etc...It's in the Scientology tech dictionary and is a product of Hubbard's paranoid imagination projected onto his followers.Anyway, there was supposedly this implant station right there in the US,implanting people to spy on and destroy scientology. They convinced the students themselves that they were implanted.

This is very long but worthwhile the read.She talks about the RPF, rice and beans and wages or the lack there of.I am convinced a similar scenario as the above is what happened to my Father.

The Reclusive Founder of Scientology.

Both of these sources can be found here:

Which brings me to what I was looking for originally the TSMY Excalibur, previously known as the Bolivar.
and this:
Excalibur - The Infamous Slave - Ship.Seems there are quite a few slave ships in Scientology's history

It certainly was an experience they would never forget, but it was two different ships.
You are probably wondering what brought me to this, well, I saw a few things about the Freewinds, originally called Boheme, and ironies of all ironies I found this:

MS Boheme "The Happy Ship" originally owned by of all things Commadore's Cruises Ltd.And it doesn't stop there, oh no, I then found IAS Excalibur which is a fictional starship in Babylon 5, first seen in A call to Arms and is a victory destroyer.

Which brings me to the Freewinds:

Kidnapped:Don Jason escapes from the Freewinds:

Lawrence Wollersheim barely escaped with his sanity and his life:

And then back to Germany:
The Cleared Planet.
All with subtitles by Anonymous.

Rock Slam!

Ex Sea Org Member reveals the horrors of theRPF

ZDF The Scientology Plan 1.

How Many More?

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