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Interesting News.

This pdf from the Lisa Mcpherson Trust in 1994 has an amazing array of newspaper articles from the merchants of chaos ( in English, news reporters).

pages 77,78,and 79 with regards Greenfields School.

From Scientology - FOLLOWERS OF THE DISTURBING...-Scientology - London

From trusted informant:
Margaret Hodkin co founded Greenfields school with Mark McQuade - she went to the courts to gag people speaking out about her abuse at Greenfield's School(fucking retarded archaic British libel laws)

"The Head of the Scientology School was being called as a witness. She denied that a twelve-year-old-girl had received a 'withhold pulling session' at the hands of three of the staff. To 'pull withholds' is scientologeese for making someone confess to their transgressions. Minutes of the Schools board meetings had to be publicly available, yet the filed copy made no reference to the 'withhold pulling' session. I obtained an unedited copy of the school's board minutes, which not only proved the headmistress's sworn statement untrue but showed the School's attempt at concealment."

GRWilson 5 months ago.
If someone wants to learn about Scientology and the tremendous expansion this religion has enjoyed, they can visit a Church of Scientology or visit our website at

There is no mention in the above piece that Jon Atack’s book is subject to a permanent injunction by the High Court for defamatory statements, and that in separate proceedings Atack undertook to the High Court not to repeat other statements in the book. Atack's dishonesty and conduct during the litigation resulted in judicial orders impugning his credibility. In one judgment, the court described him as a "devious" and "unsavoury" litigant. The statement that he completed “24 of the 27 levels of therapy” is complete fabrication - there are not “27 levels” of anything in Scientology - as is the disillusionment allegation. He has no credibility whatsoever.

The fact that Andrew Morton’s publisher declined to publish his book in the United Kingdom because of the UK’s defamation laws says something about the lack of veracity of that book.

Lawrence Wright’s article in the New Yorker is in good company with these two discredited pieces. Despite having been provided detailed responses to more than 1,300 fact checking questions, he still did not get it right. As to the false statement that the Church is under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there is no known investigation. The allegation was included as a publicity ploy to garner attention to Wright’s article.

Greenfields is far more than just a school.
You can say that again!It is a recruitment school for children to eventually join the sea org, many ending up in Clearwater, Florida. 
Hard to believe? Then watch this.

Side note: I have just found my niece on Scientology's website in the photo section at Greenfield's school.Very emotional for me right now.

 Well, I am astonished, all this time I have been scouring the internet and I have not come across these before, I have been on Jeff Jacobson's site a few times, but never found this wealth of newspaper articles and cuttings. It is by far the most comprehensive list of scientology related articles I have ever seen, and I have seen some. I have added all the links to my blog as I am sure many other people have not seen them either.This is by far not all news items but it is well worth a look.Well done to the Lisa McPherson. org. 

More pdfs from the Lisa McPherson Trust:The list of these are housed at Lisa Mcpherson's Memorial page here:

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